Thursday, December 22, 2011

Epic FAIL Mealtime, and from Armchair Imagineering

Hello again, readers, and almost in time for the holiday season, a little sketch tribute all the way from my fan-art account, showcasing somebody iconic, but one step closer to causing a heap of trouble for the classmates...

Epic FAIL Xmas Meal Time 11 by ~RabidLeroy on deviantART

Of course, after all the fuss and stress over getting everything ready for the holiday season, I'm sure most of you might agree that there is one adversary we end up facing throughout before and after the season - stress. And I'm sure it's beginning to fill the air already. One thing most people worry about during the season is, primarily, trying not to mess with the main meal of the year - the iconic dinner. There is a reason why people tend to stress over the iconic holiday dinner, apart from having to cater to specific dietary needs, and probably using the wrong ingredients to mess up an otherwise perfect dish... it is important to note that the holidaqy season is particularly a very vulnerable time with regards to food poisoning, and it'll definitely leave a mark on the rest of the new year.

In other news, another blog I have recently found also has an alternate take on a rehash on the Wonders of Life pavilion. While the list of attractions is somewhat completely different to mine (obviously, because everyone's entitled to their Imagineering opinions), it's also an interesting alternative take on what else attractions might reoccupy the pavilion next. With regards to sponsors, Armchair Imagineering states the following:
Sponsors and attractions to include:
  • A market for fresh foods by Whole Foods
  • A germ fighting ride sponsored by The US Army & Clorox
  • An ESPN broadcasting area and athlete autograph station
  • Guiness Book of World Records exhibit
  • Interactive “surgery” center sponsored by Atlus video games featuring touch screen operating tables with multiple surgeries to perform. (not for the squeamish!)
  • Disney Sports and Running home base
  • National Geographic presentation about human living all over the world, focusing on culture and extreme living conditions
from Armchair Imagineering article, Wonders of Life

Although the blog entry near concludes that the blog article author is not into health and fitness as I am (which I am alright with), my imagination has literally raised eyebrows with regards to three of the attractions - the germ fighting ride, the interactive 'surgery' lessons and also the human living conditions exhibit. I happily agree with the blog author that these might make great additional exhibits or additions that might change the outlook of Wonders in a much more effective way. You can have a look at what the author's cooked up by the image below, linking to the author's PDF.

The link to the original article is located here.

Surely enough, I can assume that every reader has their different interpretation of what could be done to the Wonders of Life pavilion, but for those who have any throughts that could be of good use, then please feel free to leave a comment.

And please note, that due to the sheer hecticness of the holiday season (in which i might be more active offline), I may be out of action from now until the first week in 2012. But pause for a moment's silence... for most of you, readers, New Year's Day is said to be the very final day that the Wonders of Life pavilion has its doors open for the last of all guests, before its 2006 seasonal period ended forever in 2007. It would be 5 years from that closing date, so for a select few, this might be the most emotional milestone for those revisiting memories from inside the pavilion in its heyday.

I will happily leave now, for the rest of the holiday season, so take care, and here's to a wonderful life, and best wishes in 2012!

Wonders of Life

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Microscopic Organisms and Short Circuits...

Welcome back, readers, and in this issue of What the 'WT-'? on our blog, here's a snazzy image from a Google+ page which showcases what Body Wars once documented on the 5 minute ride:

What you're looking at is actual footage, taken from a blood sample in a petri dish. According to the image above, the round objects are the red blood cells, the black dotty objects are bacteria and the shape-shifting object going through them is a white blood cell. Sure, some of you may have seen this in biology class, but I have decided to bring this up to the attention of everyone else here.

In the spirit of this blog, if anyone is familiar with the Cranium Command universe, it's basically reimagines our brains as a pilotable vehicle, to typically manoeuvre it through an entire day without overstressing it. Well, in the words of General Knowledge indeed. Of course, I understand the sensitivities between the genders are still raised hackles to some people, but apparently, if the battle of the sexes were literally cut-throat, it won't be literally hard to imagine the control panels as these:

Which was probably an interesting hypothesis in why they chose Buzzy to pilot a 12 year old boy, as it seemed easier, if the above image was true. For those who are familiar with Cranium Command, then spoiler alert... it doesn't go exactly as planned.

And that's it for now for What the 'WT-'? on WOL4EVA. If you have found anything interesting fitting in the category of health and biology related things (that for some uncanny reason might remind you of the good old days in WoL), don't forget to let me know by leaving a comment after this entry, or on Google+.

Until next time, readers!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

To the Google+ Users...

Recently, thanks to a lot of thought and convincing, I have finally decided to give WOL4EVA a fanpage for Google+ users. You may have noticed the G+ icon on the top-left corner of the site below the banner, and it'll take you to that fanpage there. While the intention of this fanpage is to bring in more visitors (groan, well overdone) it's also an opportunity for you all to discuss the content as well as memories, even photos and little anecdotes pertaining to memories of the pavilion.

For those who have a Google+, the link to the fanpage is located here. For the rest who don't have one primarily, don't worry. It's still business as usual for WOL4EVA, documenting the possibilities, Imagineering simulations and even a few bits of interesting things from time to time.

Until then, we now return to normal transmission...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Possibility 6: Running through Veins (and Arteries)

Oh, hello again, readers! Earlier in Possibilities, we've focused on what possible features could be perfect for the outside, physical aspects of life. Now in this issue, things are about to get much smaller... wait, red blood cell sized small, in fact. However, this article is far from small, and might contain a mouthful of research, so this better be worth it. What we're about to do is have a look back at the staple of Wonder's attraction sphere - the innerspace simulator ride.

Sure, love it or leave it, the Wonders of Life pavilion (wait, Life and Health?) planned to have their guests take a trip through the human body from the pavilion's very beginning dating from the late 70's. One person we would owe it all for such insightful ideas into a trip of this kind would be Frank Armitage, a former Imagineer who, during his prime, had done medical sketches showcasing parts of the body's organs, up close, and in all its anatomically spectacular glory. These formed the humble beginnings of a dark-ride inside the body, which in that time, was dubbed the Incredible Journey Within.

Concept art from the Incredible Journey Within; as found in

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing Footsteps

Fellow blog readers, welcome to the very first post in the Footsteps series of this blog. Basically, what the Footsteps section is designed to do is to investigate the external exhibits outside WoL's borders (and then even outside the Disney World territory) that by comparative standards, would have taken a leaf from the book and filled the void of an otherwise forgotten aspect of the future. Of course, I am not going to accuse whoever's doing them of blatantly ripping off or 'stalking' the pavilion (no, no, no), but to basically introduce you to some other exhibits, serving as companions to the other exhibits, and basically to allow you to evaluate them.

To start off with, I'm basically going to start you off with something... first of all, I'll be writing about a similar-niche museum, situated in an exhibit in my country and nearest city. As I may recall, you can safely assume my family doesn't have the advantage to go on an overseas holiday, let alone Disney World in its prime. Now, I understand that while the educational side of EPCOT Center was what made it stand out, it just did not go well with some vacationers (the kind who doesn't like learning new things on holiday. Zzzzz...) And hence it changed to cater to new generations, almost to the expense of the educational aspects (well, at least according to the early EPCOT veterans).

For some reason, the rise of 'edutainment' with regards to exhibits designed to entertain is not necessarily confined to Mouse territory. Across science museums across the country, there are already museum exhibits designed to entertain and educate their patrons. A little like following in the footsteps of, yes, EPCOT Center. Therefore, this section of the blog would contain a few written articles on a selection of science museum exhibits, which for some reason, may have followed this principle to a new level. Of course, had the Wonders of Life pavilion chose to follow in their footsteps in a bid to cater to a changing audience (yet still retain the charm), then we would not have lost it in the first place.

And hence this new section of the blog. I have my selections of exhibits that could have currently filled in the niche of what Wonders have left behind in its disappearance, but if you have any other exhibit (well, fitting into this category) that you've currently been into, and which you would like me to write about, then feel free to write a comment after the blog post.

Until next time, readers!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

And tonight's post is sponsored by...

For those of you who are familiar with the Occupy(XandY) movement, here's a similar one with regards to a photographic movement - #OccupyDisneyWorld. Surely it doesn't really involve the actual occupation and fighting for justice, but these photo snaps definitely sum this up. For instance, this:

Emphasize that: Free Buzzy. There's also an entire FaceBook page dedicated to the photo-involved movement, designed to give people the voice. you said right: the OccupyWaltDisneyWorld Facebook page. Also, speaking of Free Buzzy, next time you're in WDW, don't be afraid to weep for him. Loudly. No matter how everyone reacts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Possibility 5: A Greater Race Ahead

Welcome back, readers, and hopefully, an eyecleanser after a dose of weirdness on the blog. In the last possibility post, there is a potential idea that would have given the Fitness Fairgrounds a decent resurrection (had it happened), in one way or another. In order to take the idea to the starting blocks, it is only fair to investigate its history beforehand.

As some of you would have known (or not), Fitness Fairgrounds was a selection of recreational activities to get people involved with the joys of fitness, and investigating their role in health habits. Some of those included the Wonder Cycles, and the demonstrative Coach's Corner, as seen below:

These images found at the LOST EPCOT Wonders of Life Picture Gallery

Friday, November 11, 2011

From Japan with... Guts... Flashy Guts...

Onto now, our journey into the most interesting parts of the internet, whether it's from home grown fanart and in-joke humor, to occasionally our circle of weirdness outside our realm. Especially if it's one that sparks the interest (as long as nobody gets ideas from them!)

For some apparent reason, there's nothing like an educational song-and-dance (no, literally!) with regards to the one focus on human anatomy that gets the kids giggling. The digestive process. I'm sure most of you have been through enough science class to know exactly what's going on through there, from the dinner table to, uhm... no, no... you know what, maybe if I just...

Okay. Moving on. Now, most of you have heard of songs that teach kids about the digestive tract, but as far as finds are concerned, here's one found from Japan, which you can view after the beep!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Possibility 4: Stepping into the Game

It's been more than a week since the 22nd anniversary of the Wonders of Life's introduction into Future World, and apart from a drought of scratch ideas (come on, a few armchair imagineers have come upon this one way or another), I have also been interested in a few potential technologies that is quickly becoming commonplace in the world of today. From the various gadgets in our pockets, it's no doubt immersed us into the many environments and scenarios we could only dream of being in. It's even used in many science museums of today, and also as part of a promotional campaign for National Geographic, as seen below:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Header Changes and View Counts

Hello, readers, and if you're amazed by the header change, then it's probably because of that cheeky colour scheme toying with my ideas. Sure, those who are familiar with the blog know that the Wonders of Life pavilion grand-opened on October 31st 1989, but there is an interesting fact this blog has to offer. And for some reason, it's just useless information in comparison to everything else on the blog. Ready?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Possibility 3: Sniffing at the Sensory Barrier

Welcome back, readers, and after a little research dive into one of the Wonders of Life's greatest hits of all time, it's time we start sniffing out another possibility used up in multiple attractions. No pun intended - we'll be sticking our noses and muzzles into the possibility of harnessing smellitiser technology to enhance exhibition sections. Sure, most attractions take advantage of such technological wizardry, even those that take advantage of our senses, but we might be sitting on a little goldmine here, with regards to how we might enhance the environment a little more.
After all, according to a little passage from Scent Sciences:
People respond deeply to scent, which enhances their experiences and connects deeply to their emotional memory.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Battle of the Cortexes

This post has been edited due to more research found to supplement this article. If anyone has some clarifications, or just a few brainwaves to help, please comment. It would be of big help.

Welcome again, readers. A week after the birthday celebration season for the Magic Kingdom slows down to normal, it's also birthday season to the blogmaster (that's me!), so on behalf of the visitors entering or passing by this blog, thanks. And now to another 'bet you didn't know' post, centered on one of the Wonders' iconic attractions residing in the majority of visitor's hearts to this day...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Walt Disney World!

As I am writing this blog article, we are officially on our way to WDW's 40th anniversary, and make that the Magic Kingdom's birthday celebration. Surely, the Magic Kingdom has seen many shifts in histories - with certain attractions being dropped off (Alien Encounter, 20,000 Leagues, Toontown anyone?) and with a few more being added onto the list (the Fantasyland expansion, opening to the public in little modules from January to May 2012), but it's no surprise that October is by far the most influential month in regards to Disney's history.

For a few reasons: October 1st is the birthdate shared by two of WDW's most famous parks - Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center, respectively in the years 1971 and 1982. Largely these parks put Orlando, Florida on the map as the theme park county in all of Florida (well, give or take a few), and these were the lasting legacies of Walt Disney since his loss in 1966.

Also, October, in regards to specific attractions, marked the birthmonth of some of EPCOT's icons, and even a twist and turn in its history that changed EPCOT Center forever. October 1st 1983 marked Horizon's opening to the public, and it became an integral part of EPCOT's Future World - it literally tied what Future World back than offered to the park's guests and gave us the known tagline If we can dream it, we can do it. Also, on October 31st 1989 (although a preview test opening happened on October 19th or somewhereafter), the Wonders of Life officially opened to the public, and in success, it changed EPCOT's history forever.

There were successes back then, but as time progressed, we were facing failures and facepaws. EPCOT saw the loss of its prized attractions, thanks to the many changes in science and technology, and not to mention public demand of what the public wanted (you, Body Wars rider, this means you back there!!!), led to a few wrong turns (according to some people attached to the old side of EPCOT) and even some perceived cases of near-neglect for the poor Wonders of Life pavilion. From here, we mourn the loss of these attractions, and especially the Wonders of Life pavilion, for what some of us perceive them as: the most successfuly milestones of EPCOT (and Wonders of Life) history.

So to celebrate, I have opened a Tumblr blog showcasing some good photos of the Wonders of Life pavilion, and it's at WOL4EVA in Pictures. Also, it's your turn for you to mention your most fond memory of the Wonders of Life pavilion at the site. Best wishes for this wonderful month!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Potential WOL Ressurection Ideas, part 4

Wow, look at the activity at this blog!!! As we continue on with our walkthrough of ways to improve and ressurect the pavilion to a new generation, here's a list of what you may have missed last update:
  1. The Interior (Design, Structure at a Glance)
  2. Music Playlist
  3. Floorplan, Attraction Categories

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Potential WOL Resurrection Ideas, part 3

Welcome back, readers, and tagging along with the section of what I would do for the Wonders of Life pavilion to bring it back for the next generation, here are the previous two sections in case you missed it:
  1. The Interior (Design, Structure at a Glance)
  2. Music Playlist

And now, the next section, and this time, we're going to start sorting a few things...

Friday, September 9, 2011

As Seen in WDWNT Magazine Armchair Imagineering!

Now most of you haven't noticed as of yet a few potential Imagineering suggestions for the Wonders of Life pavilion, but this one is sure to raise a few eyebrows. As part of a segment written by Michael Truskowski (thanks!), this one focuses on what he would do for reimagineering the Wonders of Life pavilion. Featured in issue 7 of the WDWNT online magazine, just remember to scroll down to the Armchair Imagineering section to have a look.
Once again, thanks to WDWNT for picking up Wonders of Life as a potential armchair imagineering candidate!

EDIT: Link has been updated. Don't forget to have a look at WDWNT The Magazine for some more upcoming issues. You will enjoy them as much as I did!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take your marks...

get set...

...okay, okay, not yet. But I am pleased to let you all know about a survey I have managed to post onto the website. Apparently, it is a highly detailed survey, and would take a goof half hour or more to complete. But if you're into contributing some good suggestions for what would bring WoL back into the spotlight (if that were to happen) then this survey would be for you.

It's called "What's Next for WoL?" (although ironically it focuses on everything else but WoL at the start) and basically it's part of a blog-based research project I might like to put together for the blog. The survey takes a look at these components:
  • Personal details, as in which area you come from, a little about yourelf, and such. These might be used to categorise the data by attribute.
  • Views on the Disney Parks, literally a litmus test to determine which parks the user has been to (based on either experience or by interest)
  • Views on EPCOT Center, another litmus test to determine if they've been to EPCOT Center (again, based on experience or interest)
  • Views on the Future World pavilions, and how you would rank them (based on your experience).
  • Views on the Wonders of Life Pavilion (the focus for the survey), how you'd rank them, as well as what would you do to improve the pavilion as a whole (including attractions)
  • Imagineering ideas if the Wonders of Life pavilion were to come back
  • What you'd think of the Wonders of Life after taking the survey
It's actually a mouthful, but the reason why I'm asking for all this information is, probably, to cater for those outside the fanbase, or perhaps delving into their memory banks. But otherwise, anyone with fond memories, or a strong interest, in any of the parks (including EPCOT and its history) can participate in the survey. Of course, there are some questions where you don't have to give out an answer straight away if you're speechless or indecisive... just leave either a blank or an 'X' and move on to the next question.

As you'd expect, it's my first time constructing a survey (and a colossal one as well!!!) so if you have any queries or improvements (what can be improved to create a much better survey, and hopefully shorter one) please shout to me in the comments box BELOW.

So without further ado, it's either this link, or the 'What's Next for WoL' survey in the links column on the left to get started! Let's go!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Things of Commandos Past

For those who might be familiar with Disney theme park history, it is not uncommon these days for people to literally own a piece of the past... now handfuls of you may be familiar with sites such as MouseSurplus or anything else, and even sites such as eBay also serve as the trading post for memorabilia of attractions past. And as with the case of long lost attractions, Cranium Command is sadly no exception.

As I have reported during the blog's first year of operation, some of us may remember the Cranium Command sign that once went up on eBay (as mentioned in a previous article to do with Buzzy's legacy), but recently found a new home. Above was a screenshot of the eBay page selling the display sign, but what's different now is that the seller is now themeparkconnection, but still sells some interesting Disney related curios as well. (Notably, a few pins pertaining to the Wonders of Life pavilion's past - its insignia and one commemorating Body Wars have sold recently.)
Another of which are the interestingly rare patches that appeared to come from the Cast Member costume department - these costume patches apparently are the insignia in regards to the early designs for the Cranium Command uniform (during the days before the pilot's jacket and army pants). One on the left is the insignia as you'd expect, while another is a lesser known accompanying one - the three lightbulbs one above (as obviously synonymous with ideas and thought) and also a simplified Virtuvian man symbol and the expression "Mens sana in corpore sano". Translation? "A healthy mind in a healthy body."

Of course, some long lost fragments of the past have come and gone, and for some reason, due to my limited scope of searching for things, things can quickly disappear before I would ever notice. Even so, those without an eBay account won't be able to find any past evidence of products sold more than 90 days (3 months) ago. So you could say that these are actually a few lucky finds to be ever documented by a blogger.

But reality wise, as soon as the Wonders of Life begins to settle as a convention center for now, it looks like Buzzy might end up under the hammer one way or another. Or maybe not sold at all. But we'll never know, pretty much the same way he'll expect piloting a chicken in his past career... right?

On a brighter note (no pun intended), another blogger has just released a set of wallpapers in regards to the Wonders of Life pavilion, and from my view, I believe that the design elements of past and future (the bright colours from the brink of the 90s and the organic geometric elements as seen in modern computer wallpapers) are definitely an excellent way forward in regards to a totally new design concept (should a totally new WoL happen). And not to mention, a funfact from the site author:
In doing this one, it got me thinking about how cutting-edge the graphics and colors were for the time. You have to remember that even though it opened in 1989 it was in full development a few years beforehand. So the “graphic confetti” and florescent colors, that were so popular (especially with teenagers) in the early to mid 1990s, was actually foretold at the Wonders of Life.
There’s your “History of Color” lesson for the day:)

So, to E82, I salute you!

Anyways, returning to normal transmission in three... two...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes Treasure Trove

Welcome back readers, and this time with a couple of interesting images never seen before in regards to the Wonders of Life pavilion, thanks to a software application I have managed to get ahold of to my surprise.

Now most of you may have been familiar with the WDW Explorer, and basically, it was a CD ROM explorer activity that gave you some interesting information about Walt Disney World in Florida, and some of its iconic attractions and resort places that now lie with some of us in memory. Of course, only two editions of the CD ROM application were present (only notable difference is the absence of Animal Kingdom in the first edit), and as soon as the Internet became a popular research tool for the next holiday in WDW, plans for a third edition were discontinued.

Now most of you know that to date, the Wonders of Life pavilion has had the same fate of being shuttered (and buried) since 2007. For research reasons, here are a few photos in regards to the behind-the-scenes of some iconic attractions. it's a case of (in memespeak) 'pics or it didn't happen':
Behind the scenes at the Cranium Command theater. The stage has been finally constructed, and if you look closely, a shadow of the Buzzy AA, wearing the cap, can be seen on one of Bobby's eyes. This was taken during programming of the show controls and the AAs involved.
A behind the scenes photo of Elizabeth Shue (playing as Dr. Cynthia Lair) getting to grips with the giant splinter for the Body Wars film component.
Of course, for those who are curious of the construction of the Wonders of Life building will be surprised to discover, in the first picture, a tall spindly tower like structure designed to hold up the framework of the golden dome structure. As soon as the triangular joins of the dome were put together, the spindly tower was taken apart before moving on to build the interior.

Top: Putting together the dome structure.
Middle: Attaching the gold plated panels on the dome structure. Note the excavators inside the dome.
Bottom: The finalised pavilion, before installation of the archway

There you have it, a few shots regards to the Wonders of Life beginning to take shape. Of course, obviously, I do recall finding a photo of the Wonders of Life inside structures being built (the open theaters to house Goofy About Health and the Anacomical Players Arena), but it'll take forever to go through the archives to go find it. Oh well, back to delving

Also, I have heard word of, according to conversational sources, about the pavilion's main gift shop (Well and Goods) selling pavilion specific shirts (example, Cranium Command). So far, it's practically rare to find photographic evidence of those shirts, so for those viewing the blog and having a garment like that in particular, or any similar WoL specific merchandise from the pavilion's humble beginnings that you can recall having, then feel free to give me a shout.

And also, I have released a new set of wallpapers, this time, in daylight edition, just in time for the Southern Hemisphere Spring cycle. Hope you enjoy the new look, readers, and until next time!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tonight's post is sponsored by...

Wordle: Wonders of Life, EPCOT 1989

...this word cloud, made over at Wordle. I have gathered lots of iconic names of the attractions, and a handful of stars who made it possible.

Please standby as we resume our usual transmission...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Potential WOL Ressurection Ideas, part 2

Welcome back, readers. Now most of you may have read the last potential article that would aid in putting together the pavilion, as mentioned in the previous article. Just when you thought it was safe to slow down after a few opportunities to discuss, here below is the next section in the Imagineering section of the blog, again, served in bite sized morsels...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feeling like Throwing Up...

In this post's edition of "What the Whiskey Tango...?!", we're exploring the most well known reputation of Body Wars as a ride not suited for the faint of heart. In its heyday, it was not uncommon for people hopping on board the B229 body probe to hop out clouded up with motion sickness five minutes later, after a tour of the heart and lungs. Believe it or not, here's a humorous homage to the long gone ride and this unfortunate reputation as 'the much rougher innerspace counterpart of Star Tours'...

Body Wars - Pilot Sickness by ~RabidLeroy on deviantART

...of course, this kind of looks like it came straight from a comic book, but this was only a test exercise, and only present for people to have a laugh over the ride's 'motion-sickness-bag' reputation. On the plus side, at least it's not that space shuttle from Mission: Space.

And now returning to normal transmission, readers!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Not Pin Season, Is It?

...probably not, readers. Surprisingly, something as small as the humble Disney pin has expanded to a diverse hobby shared by enthusiasts the world over. And what's more, the best part of pin trading and collecting is the prospect of getting some particularly rare ones. Pins that have never been noticed by the public. And especially a few of them that a humble few would wish to have by now.

of course, there's not a lot of pins or buttons that have been sighted by people just bustling in and out of WoL in its heydays, but little by little, people have taken an interest in these pins. For example, the pavilion insignia as it was on EPCOT Center's 15th anniversary/birthday (give or take). Although retired from mainstream distribution, it's readily available over on eBay by pin traders, but alas, lack of decision skills lead to burning your wallet.
The WoL Insignia as part of EPCOT Center's 15th anniversary

On a different subject, there are also pins that reflect sponsorship of the pavilion at the time. In this case, MetLife has been featured on at least two pins in regards to the Wonders of Life pavilion - including the obvious smaller sign mentioning it from the late 1990's until 2001.

The MetLife Corporate Pin
The newer WoL sign mentioning MetLife

Also, there are pins that gave you a good idea of some of the pavilion's most iconic attractions, big or small. And what's the most well known attraction with the only pin and badge ever in existence? You guessed it...
...because what better way than after a motion-sickness inducing voyage through the heart and lungs than to show it off with a pin or button. The one on the left features the B229 body probe through the blood vessel, floating along with its red blood cell brethren.

Of course, between me and you, the reader, the only attraction that hasn't got a pin at this stage is, sadly, Cranium Command. For some reason, poor Buzzy hasn't got a lot of recognition lately in regards to the pin world... or has he? I'm half suspecting that someone out there might have a potential pin or button or whatever that is hiding somewhere. But otherwise, there might be some possibilities of how a pin might be released for fellow enthusiasts of the long gone attraction... perhaps a replica military medallion with the attraction insignia? Sounds fitting...

Of course, if the Wonders of life were to have new and updated pins as a token of memory, then perhaps starting with the design of those pins, it could happen. So readers, if you were to design a pin as a memorial for Wonders of Life (and some of its attractions), how would you do it? What would it feature? Simply leave a comment in the comments section, and I'll be happy to have a look.

Until next time, readers!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Belated 1st Anniversary for WOL4EVA

To all of you fellow blog readers,first of all, I would like to apologise for, well, missing the first anniversary date of the blog. I'm sure the blog has gone through lots of changes, fixes, add-ons and even subject to some well-deserved publicity in many ways more than one. So for the visitors, as well as followers of the blog, thankyou so much. I'm sure you're looking forward to the rest of the blog as I am right now.

Of course, for those who are new to the blog, and would like some more information, I still have those starter posts in the blog.
  • The first post in the blog can be accessible here: it basically gives you readers a basic idea of the pavilion, how it came to be in its early stages, and what happened when the pavilion was sentenced to an unfortunate demise. 
  • Also, a post in regards to the early concepts for the pavilion can be accessible here
  • And also, a general essay for some of the pavilion's iconic exhibits can be found here.

Also, for visitors who have a DeviantArt account, feel free to have a look at the WOL4EVA group. More information about the group can be found here.

Plus you also didn't know, this blog has also all sorts of Imagineering ideas for potentially restructuring the Wonders of Life pavilion (if permissible). You'll most likely find these kind of posts under the tags Possibilities or Imagineering.

So far, the blog has undergone many changes, including the addition of some downloadable wallpapers, as well as a section used for showcasing merchandise (practically rare as far as the eye can see) from the forgotten pavilion (you'll find more information, as well as how to submit any photos regarding to your collection, can be found here.)

And that's all I've got for this blog post. Thanks again for reading, fellows. Now to pick up where I left off with the long list of refurb suggestions... oh wait. Which reminds me of a question that pretty much might lead to the next stage in the refurb project on this blog:

Assuming we're keeping the 'life' theme and the building structure to work with, what attractions would you want to add to the pavilion as part of a refurb?

Simply comment on this blog article after reading. In fact, I can't wait to read what sort of wonderful answers I might get from the comments. And remember to share this blog with a friend - they might like it!

Until next time, readers!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

For all you fellow WOLnuts out there

Here's a cute little badge, for those who like lame puns but still can't help to declare remembrance of a successful pavilion in its heyday:
Okay. So not everyone likes lame puns. But I actually like it, given that it's a quick photoshop job I have put together. Most of the pav. exterior elements I put together were done in Illustrator, and then after finding a walnut photo, I photoshopped it together.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,  on with the segment...

First up, while I was on a photo search in regards to my research for my pavilion, I have come across an interesting photo of, well, a lone corridor somewhere in the Body Wars probe loading area. This one is 'staff only' - and because it's in the style of a MET testing lab facility, it's meant to be a staff area for maintenance of the B229 probes. Well, although I do not condone spelunking or trespassing into property to gather any shots for all manner of reasons (besides, the photo was taken a long time ago before the pavilion gave up the ghost), all that I can say is that there are many people out there who have a twisted sense of humor. For those people out there reading this...

...uh uh. Don't take it as an instruction.

Next on the list is actually a photoshop job I put together, from nothing more than scraps of photos, as well as images from the inside of my head. What you didn't know is that this job was done a a little earlier, probably in memoriam of our beloved Cranium Commando... Of course, for the very few fascinated by the concept of rapture events (people disappearing for no reason at all), well...
...I wonder what would General Knowledge say after this?

Okay, rest assured that if he were looking at this right now over my shoulder, I might like to let him know that YES, the whole thing is photoshopped.This will save the amound of worrying over one recruit going AWOL without his, well, knowledge. As mentioned, I've scoured the net for images of typical Commando attire (the hat, boots and even the aviator's jacket) and after finding a convincing interior photo of the WOL pavilion, I got right to work placing the objects, even adjusting the shadows and even enhancing the colours to make it look like the loss of our iconic brain pilot a litle convincing. Okay, so it's a little amateur-ish by the looks of things, but I guess this is what I tried to convey in regards to poor Buzzy.

Now to resume transmission of potential Imagineering plans... please stand by, readers!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Potential WOL Ressurection Ideas, part 1

Hello there readers. I have finally gotten on the WDWMAGIC forums under the username RedFurredCadet. Basically, a discussion is underway of a possible replacement of the Wonders of Life pavilion (okay, so it's only unofficial discussion at the moment, but THIS is an imagineering blog, so I'll include them here.) Of course, I have found some more interesting ideas from other threads on the site, and with the user's name in consideration (as they might not be my ideas), they are quoted as indicated.

It's in the thread titled What to replace WoL with? and you can find the entire post from this link here. So, let's get down to some explanation, and we'll start by breaking it down into bite sized morsels. Let's go!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And now an (unofficial) EPIC FAIL suggestion...

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to a segment I'd like to call...
Yes really. From the corners of the Internet they lurk, you'll never know when something interesting can be found on the Internet. Sometimes, with the quirky help of my right-brained mind, I would submit a few things for some of you to either raise a smile (or even cringe with shock horror). I got the name of the segment from an interesting way of abbreviating (into NATO Phonetic) the expression used for shock-horror situations, "What the-?!" (and for some reason I sliced the last part to conceal what the expression really means.)

To start that off, we've obviously heard enough about having a blue-furred alien experiment running loose around Tomorrowland (make that Stitch's FAIL Escape, anyone?), but I just found an interesting quote from WondersOfLife over there at the WDWMagic forums. For some reason, being a Stitchfan myself, but also aware of how CHAOTIC things would end up had Stitch got the keys to the golden dome, I've decided to post the quote up myself, and this is what he said:

...I'd rather see "Stitch's Cranium Command", "The making of the intergalactic federation", and "Experiment Wars"

Put all those together, move SGE there, then let THAT be the place for stitch to be at the theme parks and not let him invade anymore of the parks!

...The new pavilion, sponsored by nobody because it'll be a fail, will be named: "Stitch's Wonders of Human life-forms".

WondersofLife, "Wonders of Life???" at post #36
For some reason it's totally reminded me of this

And believeably I just posted this because apart from the fact WOL was a little lucky to be put out of its misery before being subject to having the blue-furred exp. have free roam of MET's labs and Buzzy's working space. And while I have an appreciation for the blue furred experiment (for, ugh forbid, 6 years running?) as much as my recent appreciation for a long-lost brain pilot, you can easily guess what my expression would end up had Stitch somehow be hired for the pavilion.
As you can see, readers.

Of course, that sparked a thread in the ChitChat section of the WDWMagic forums, in which I decided to put up a voting experiment.
"If you put Stitch and Buzzy in the same room, what would happen?"
Of course, voters wouldn't be able to vote on the poll without a WDWMagic Forum Account, but from the forum post there are seven possible reasons to choose from. Here they are below:
  • Stitch would annoy/scare/pester Buzzy to no end. (Obviously so.)
  • Stitch and Buzzy would become fast friends (Awww!)
  • Stitch and Buzzy would avoid each other. (Hmmph!)
  • Buzzy would be asking Stitch questions to no end. ("S-so I was asking, how come you're...")
  • Instand brawl/fight/argument between the two (Bites, scratches and one angered General!)
  • Buzzy would be planning an escape to get away from Stitch ("Where's a teaspoon so I can dig myself out of this room?")
  • Nothing. Hopefully, nothing. (Or probably up to your imagination. *shrug*)
Commenters, I think it's much better to see the poll results and perhaps figure out your own conclusion.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What an amazing 11 months!

In case you didn't know, readers, this blog was opened almost one year ago on June 30th, in the tradition of future Imagineering blogs. While the blog was intended to become a box of essays, it has become a filing cabinet of possible Imagineering ideas if the pavilion be opened up to its former glory once more.
So to celebrate, I have found a photo gallery with some of the photos of the Wonders of Life pavilion taken somewhere in the 2005 or 2006 holiday seasons (or earlier).

And a whole lot more accessible if you click the photo above!
   Enjoy the offering, readers!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Artist Concept - Buzzy Cortex

So it was at least two days ago when I was pawing around with Photoshop, as part of providing my fellow blog readers with this little addition from my deviantArt gallery. Here it is below:

Artist's Concept: Buzzy Cortex by ~RabidLeroy on deviantART

So basically, what I was doing is a potential design concept of our brain pilot Buzzy, for a handful of selected reasons -
  • in the event that the animated preshow be overhauled (as suggested in previous post Possibility 2: Try a Time Warp)
  • in the event that Buzzy's career be destined toward the silver screen (personally I might like to have that happen, but it's a 'don't-know-yet' moment at the moment.
It's also the process involved in building the artist's impression that also might interest you. I have built this image entirely from scratch in Photoshop - starting with the basic shape and structure sketch on one layer, through to the basic lineart on the next, and all the way to the finalised line and colour layers that you see right now.

For some reason, I like the look and feel of the artist's impression as it reminds me of selected artwork made by the artists over there at Pixar, whom I might thank and bless for the source of inspiration that I adopted for this impression.

For those who are surprised by the amount of words covering up Buzzy in his professional brain-pilot glory, here's why - I have applied a watermark for security purposes. Even if the image is shared online, the name of the artist responsible for this design is still there. So, bloggers, what do you think of this little design sketch? Let your voice be heard in the comments BELOW.

Until next time, readers!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WANTED: Merchandise and Souvenir Photos

Welcome back readers. For those of you who have been to the Wonders of Life pavilion during its heydays, you may have known of a small gift shop named Well and Goods Limited. Basically what it does is provide not just athletic gear, but also souvenirs and mementos specific to the pavilion (be it shirts, hats or even pins).

Now, I know that for some reason, some of you may have a few souvenirs hidden somewhere in either the closet or the bottom of your backpack, or the attic. There may also be cases where people may have picked them up from markets of thrift stores, and felt curious on where it once came from. Or perhaps there are those who would like to get a good idea of the interesting collectibles and souvenirs from the iconic pavilion of its time.

That's why there is the link to the page From Well and Goods Outlets, a page dedicated to not just souvenirs from the pavilion, but also souvenirs from the site as well - wallpapers, and in the meantime, buddy icons, and if you're lucky, ringtones for your portable device or cellphone. You can click over to the link, and then navigate to the section Merchandise Photos for more information about sending information on merchandise.

Until next time, readers!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Possibility 2.5 - Try a Time Warp

In which I continue on with the subject, hands up if you recognise the quote and these two people of note:

"In those years we have some successes......and some failures..."

Yes, at the brink of 1989, it's not uncommon for the audience to raise a laugh at the appearance of Ernest P Worrel as branded one of the failures in brain piloting history. But nowadays, it's a case of 'bro, who is that guy, and what's his photo doing in there?'
Of course, the definition of failures has now changed rather dramatically between then and now, so perhaps a possible idea to illustrate the definition of 'failure'. Here's a possible candidate:

Okay, so it's not who is it I'm talking about, but a potential action that defines what General Knowledge means by 'failures'. This image, in which I explain why I chose this, is one of the most viral over the Internet, and in my opinion, I bet the next generation will react well with the image.
Of course, if you have any ideas for hilarious photographs that could serve as potential candidates for the 'failures' category among the brains, then feel free to post a suggestion here!