Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Header Changes and View Counts

Hello, readers, and if you're amazed by the header change, then it's probably because of that cheeky colour scheme toying with my ideas. Sure, those who are familiar with the blog know that the Wonders of Life pavilion grand-opened on October 31st 1989, but there is an interesting fact this blog has to offer. And for some reason, it's just useless information in comparison to everything else on the blog. Ready?

With regards to the Blogger statistics charts (and especially the all time chart), let's have a look at some views-per-nation:
  1. United States, with 1888 views
  2. Australia, with 726 views (sadly, less than a half were from mine while I was testing the blog, before I turned off pageview tracking!)
  3. Canada, with 69 pageviews
  4. Latvia, with 64 pageviews
  5. United Kingdom, with 51 pageviews
Assuming we take North America and Australia out of the picture, it seems that the blog must have attracted a few Latvian visitors, and I didn't know until now. D8 Surprised! And hence, a new addition to the translation pinboard, in which visitors can view the page in Latvian. Again, grain of salt, machine translation doesn't use a brain, use yours.

And now returning to normal transmission...

1 comment:

  1. I love your new header image! It nicely captures the visual style of the WoL pavilion.


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