Thursday, October 18, 2012

Footsteps - Gulf Coast Exploreum's "My Bodyworks"

Welcome again, readers. Today in Footsteps, we have dug up another exhibit of interest, this time, centered in downtown Alabama, at the Gulf Coast Exploreum. The exhibit in question is one called "My Bodyworks", which is one of the human body exhibits in focus.

The museum exterior building, as seen here:

The "My Bodyworks" exhibit, opened in January 2009, is a high-tech look at the human body, in an interactive, hands-on and engaging way. According to the Gulf Coast Exploreum's official site, the interactive hall contains 50 custom designed exhibits to dazzle a wide range of audiences. The main game of the exhibit isn't just hands on edutainment, but also in an interactive manner, as the site describes:
From the 12-foot-tall beating heart to augmented reality, science meets fun at every turn. Each exhibit reveals information about anatomy, nutrition or exercise. Learn more about the skin you're in and how to live life to the fullest with healthy choices.
 Head to Toe: An interactive scanner, allowing guests to get to know the body's systems at a glance.This, along with other exhibits, is demonstrated at the 3:57 minute mark

Interiorwise, it feels like a large, futuristic laboratory, one that MET Biotech would have bawled over if it wasn't for sponsor cuts (but enough with the jealousy element). Here's a lowdown of the exhibit stations at a glance:
  • The BeHealthy stations, which encourages everyone to test their physical activity skills within a range of activities in a fun and engaging way. Whether through jump tests, upper muscle strength or flexibility tests (such as the Dance Dance Revolution, Cardiac Style game), through to measuring blood pressure and volume, and even an exercise activity to see how long it would burn the calories in (example given) a cheeseburger! As part of the interactivity experience, visitors would record their results on the activity cards, and they would be traded for your personal health profile.

  • My Beating Heart, a 12 foot tall illuminated heart model, designed to display the signs of cardiac arrest in a biomechanical manner. The premise is the heart is seen beating normally, but during a simulated blood clot, it works harder and faces cardiac arrest. A monument of borderline 'creep factor', but at the same time, a head on look on the heart as it functions. Also, augmented reality cards allowing the virtual inspection of the heart's exterior, functions and many components and valves, forming the secondary heart of this cardiac exhibit. 

My Beating Heart: The interactive heart display
  • Head to Toe Display, (seen further upwards) which is a spectacular 'window to the innards', via a movable screen to scan a life size representation of the body, delving into five of the body's well known systems (skeletal, muscular, cardiopulmonary, nervous and digestive); users can touch the screen and switch from one system to another, to view text based/video based information on the organ of that system.
  • Ernest G DeBakey Virtual Surgery Center, a high tech surgery simulation center covering more than a selection of surgical procedures, from a virtual heart bypass, knee replacement surgery, blood vessel repair with laser-beam tools, and even endoscopic surgery techniques.
The Ernest G DeBakey Virtual Surgery Center, home of some of the most innovative surgery simulation displays.
Along with these exhibits, there is also a BioLab, appropriately named as it is a fully functioning laboratory, where visitors can participate in some interesting experiments, and view some entertaining demonstrations. At any time, five different experiment procedures designed for visitors to explore health and biology in a hands on manner in its different sections (the body, medicine, health, nutrition, fitness), and has covered a range of themes covered bi-monthly (cited on the website including "...Human Body Systems, Health & Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Human Growth & Aging, Immunology, Microbiology, Human Anatomy..."). On-stage demonstrations also allow visitors to serve as volunteers as part of each explored topic. Healthy cooking demonstrations, virtual lab visits and workshops have also happened there.

A glimpse of the BioLab, with a set of exercise racers (visitors get to race against a skeletal model to understand how their skeleton works) 
The reason why I managed to bring this up as part of the Footsteps series is that there is an interesting allusion to the Frontiers in Medicine, one that would have been the biomedical premise bearing similarities to another exhibit on EPCOT territory, The Living Seas. Of course, while we already have a laboratory within EPCOT borders (the one situated in The Land in charge of managing the garden), it would be interesting to have a laboratory setting when it comes to approaching the topic of advances in medical technology. Add to the amusement or touring aspects of Body Wars (or a similar niche ride with that biomedical factor, original development permitting) and you have yourselves, yet again, part of a possible new lease on Life. After describing and analysis of the exhibit components, it is interesting how innovative "My Bodyworks" appears, and hence is an excellent contender in the Footsteps section of this blog.

Here are some source links of where some of the information was quoted or referenced from, along with some other pages for further reading or research:
If you have any experiences pertaining to visiting the exhibit, whether from anecdotes or memories or even a few pics, feel free to mention them in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to check back other articles within the Footsteps section, and if you know of a great health or human body exhibit worth researching (or free-promoting!) feel free to drop a line!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

STOP PRESS: Skinny Minnie campaign now faces a railing (#OccupyBarneyNY, #SkinnyMinnie)

Breaking news at this hour (give or take) and all too well we have heard of Barney's controversial campaign stealing Disney characters, starving them into plus size and placing them in plain sight in their advertising campaigns. Health advocates are worried about the messages such adverts give to the kids; some are even doubting whether Disney even took part in this advertising campaign. Since the Habit Heroes fiasco (in which WOL4EVA even drafted a letter for others to adopt and send), here are two of my reactions towards the campaign...

A petition is going around, in which it is accessible via this link [Change.Org/minniemouse] and even a hashtag movement sparking links to the campaign under #OccupyBarneysNY (very fresh) and #SkinnyMinnie (however, WOL4EVA doesn't condone illegal or jeopardising activities whatsoever.) All I'm saying is that body image, no matter how strong an issue is, is still a hot issue in current society whatsoever. All I'm saying is that instead of focusing on the exterior as a barometer of good health, people should've looked at their insides and used their heads for once...

^ Most likely to convulse screaming in his tomb...
Of course, what about a hot piece of activism while we're at it? Wonders of Life was a successful legacy in Epcot's attempts at a health pavilion, and did excellently at capturing the minds of the youth (and youth at heart) in its prime. Another petition is doing the rounds in which you can access here for signing, spreading and even advertising (use hashtags such as #FreeBuzzy and #GenKnowledgeDisapproves, or even #HelpWOL.) Tweeps, it's your turn to get into the battle and start spreading the word about these two petitions!

Good luck to you all... Buzzy will count on you...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gift Shop Anticipation

Welcome back readers, and after the recent EPCOT30 wash of festivities, this has inspired me to write a post pertaining to the Well and Goods gift store, considered a part of Wonders of Life's array of facilities. For most of you who have been there somewhere in the brink of the 90s, you may recall that the Well and Goods store has been selling typical souvenir trinkets (namely shirts and hats) and oftentimes it sold athletic and sporting items (items such as golf balls and baseballs were commonly sold there too). Typically the Well and Goods store ran from 1989, until closing somewhere in 2004.
This image seen on Walt Dated World on Bravepages,, also on
Of course, while Well and Goods was successful in catering to the active-lifestyle fond guests visiting the pavilion, there was something rather lacking in the merchandising department that could have catered to much more...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Possibility 8: Neural Befixery

Welcome back to another article of Possibilities. So far, we have looked back on the little things and thoughts that might improve the attractions to the next generation - from modular add-ons through to peeks at the latest technologies, and even thoughts on botanical monuments. In this article, we decide to go straight to the head of another interesting issue, which, for some apparent reason before the Wonders of Life became ingrained into Future World, has been used liberally in early EPCOT Center attractions. Because ironically, Wonders is said to have the chronologically last one...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Before the Shooting Squad and Wrecking Ball

In a seemingly tragic turn of pavilion history, Stitch Kingdom has posted news on Wonders of Life facing "selective demolition" on a part of the pavilion structure. However, as this is freshly received news, nobody knows if this will mean the pavilion will get a structural makeover, or be razed to the graveyard. All in all, this will be a rather rude awakening to Buzzy's 'hibernation' period spanning 5 and a half years (and counting).

PS: For those who are outraged, here's a petition link for a good cause. It's done to death, but seeing that Epcot is having trouble with covering life and health in Future World, it'll be worth going down with a fight.

Friday, August 31, 2012

STOP PRESS: Art countdown - 30 days till EPCOT30

...this picture says it all. :)
In fact, from a proud signature, this pic is meant to be a gift from the blog, wishing everyone all the best. We now count down 30 days until EPCOT's 30th anniversary. Sadly due to geological limitations (and a stubborn wallet), I may not be here in person, but by the power of the world wide web, I send my best wishes.

And in normal transmission in three, two...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Potential WoL Resurrection Ideas, part 7

Welcome back, readers, and after a few glimpses on the external and visibility aspects of the Wonders of Life pavilion in this hypothesis-centered series, here are a few past articles in case you would like more information, or have just missed it:
  1. The Interior (Design, Structure at a Glance)
  2. Music Playlist
  3. Floorplan, Attraction Categories
  4. Colour and Design Schemes
  5. Sponsorship and Character Involvement
  6. Advertising, Promotion and Visibility
Which brings us to the next section in the series, which will definitely go beyond the design and aesthetics aspects of the series, and through to the functional...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Attractions Toolkit - Fitness Fairgrounds

Welcome readers, and due to the sheer anticipation of the sporting event that stops the world, I'm deciding to bring up another Attractions Toolkit, this time, for another hands on exhibit. You may remember in the previous article, it covered Sensory Funhouse and the many ideas that would have made it far more memorable.
Fitness Fairgrounds was one of Wonders of Life's hands-on offerings, and being a big hit in its prime, the exhibit area consisted of two sections - the iconic WonderCycles, and the Coach's Corner testing booth. For those who have no idea what are these exhibits are, here's a crash course:
  • The WonderCycles were a hands on staple, and it was an interactive take on the exercise bike with a touch screen. Guests can cycle through one of three locations, especially Disneyland in Anaheim, and even in a miniaturised-point-of-view (and you thought Body Wars was the only attraction to involve miniturisation)
  • Coach's Corner was a netted/caged booth in which guests can try out three sports: baseball, golf and tennis - this simulation was designed to analyse guests' swing, with celebrity athletes giving them tips on achieving the most ideal swing for great game performance.
While it's only a minute section of the exhibit, I would as well have to blame the single-floor layout for limiting the choices (*sigh* because Epcot... no scorn intended.) But assuming that the plan was to only put together the highlights (and the innovative) aspects of fitness, that kind of served as the Achilles heel in two ways - the technology being outdated, and that this is only the fingerprint aspect of fitness. Perhaps, as this aspect is straightforward, here is the sketch for a reference:
The above floorplan, on how Fitness Fairgrounds would like to be expanded
From the above referential conceptual floorplan, it would be particularly wise to consider covering the major aspects of fitness as possible. In this case, we may keep the two attractions, but the main goal would be expansion. The key areas that might be of interest might be the jogging track simulation, the treadmill wheels, the rock walls, and the fitness ability test booths. Let's give a brief description of each attraction section, and how it would have been improved, or just set up.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Footsteps - Corpus (Netherlands)

Welcome back again, readers, and here with another article on Footsteps, this time, on an immersive museum experience based in Europe, and surprisingly a referential equivalent to the early addition for the Life and Health pavilion - an OmniMover ride titled the Incredible Journey Within. However, this attraction directly takes a leaf from the book on what the Wonders of Life would have had...

The introductory tourist video, which explains Corpus facts and figures at a glance.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Double Milestone Post!

Sorry for the late blog post in breaking news, but there is something particularly controversial with regards to US politics. For those who were tied to the SCOTUS mandate on the Healthcare reform, I'm sure it's got some mixed opinions, but given that this blog focuses on EPCOT's take on health and life in a rather successful way how, I'm going to present to you a rather interesting tweet in reference to this milestone:
"Dr. Lair's study of inflammatory neutrophils via Body Probe will now be government funded."
EPCOTExplorer (also found here)
Words of wisdom! But it could be sadly unlikely, since the Body Wars attraction, thanks to witness reports (give or take) have had their probes shelled out or dismantled for parts, as well as the unlikelihood of finding another sponsor to 'revert or refurb' the pavilion. So let's never forget that the Wonders of Life once did an excellent service in educating the guests on health and life, and entertaining them well. Oh wait...

As I am writing this, WOL4EVA celebrates its second birthday! Yay! And a lot of things have happened with regards to the blog, some statistics after the jump.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

To the readers opposing the blue-furred smothering of WOL4EVA...

...we apologise.
But yes, come to think of it, it's not every day that our now famous (and for some, notorious) blue furred extraterrestrial has turned 10 wonderful years on this planet (since his first movie enthralled audiences and warmed hearts back in 2002), I guess it's only safe to allocate this week to pick out the (fortunately few!) highlights attempting to make use of Stitch (after all, his first theme park attraction, Stitch's Great Escape did not really do him justice since he came on the scene and bumped Alien ExtraTerrorestrial in November 2004).

Yes, love him or loathe him, Stitch is definitely mischievous, cheeky and annoying at times, but be blessed, he's loveable, and right now he has a fanbase spanning worldwide (well, give or take a few large fanbase concentrations in the US and Japan). No shame, however, with the author actually familiar with such a blue furred celebrity, and being one of many, many, Stitch appreciators and fans celebrating this anniversary. Or maybe there's opportunity for merchandise. Some of us do not know. But it's happening.

Anywho, some articles of interest that touched on Stitch in the previous two years...
Also, end of June marks the 2nd birthday of the WOL4EVA blog, but unfortunately, since this is purely an online awareness mission, we don't really have cake. But don't fret, because but here's an apt dessert for the anatomical appreciator in all of us for make up for it. Enjoy!

These beauties can be found over on  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Newest Addition to Well and Goodes, Using its Head!

After some time online using the search function, it seems there is another find for Well and Goods, and likely another developmental stepping stone piecing together the historical aspects of Wonders of Life's most adored attraction (by statistical standards). 

As found on this eBay listing for the Cranium Commando CM Hat

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gutless Wonder, no joke!

Now outside of Wonders of Life's borders, there is word that in the world of kinesetic learning of human physiology, there's the typical 'how long are your guts worth', in which there's a human model with an actual handle attached, and you have to pull all the way backwards to unwind the cord, to simulate the length of the human digestive tract. However, an anonymously spotted take from a Finnish exhibit takes it to an insane level...

As seen on Cheezburger's School of FAIL
I mean, how insane can it get? The expression on the model's face is priceless, even if the exploration of guts takes a rather...TMI reminiscent route. Even the colour selected for the simulated guts kind of smells entirely different altogether. XC

Thursday, May 31, 2012

STOP PRESS: An interesting Link for a Next Gen Wonders...

Hello there, readers! After stumbling on this post on Tumblr, this one is a rather interesting link to do with a possible idea for a next generation Wonders of Life, and one which well fits in Future World, as quoted below:
"My idea: The Future of Humans Sure, lets consider this. I believe (don’t quote me on this) that the infrastructure for Body Wars still remains in that building. Why not instead of looking at how human life currently operates, why not theme the pavilion around the future of human existence? "
You can have a peek at one of the interesting ideas at this link: Resuming normal transmission in three, two...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Possibility 7: Topiaries? I'd Dig That.

Dear readers, while this year's Flower and Garden festival has drawn to a close a few weeks ago over at EPCOT Center, there is a rather interesting story behind a particular and possible topiary that for some of us, we really wish it exists right now.

Of course, for those who do not know the back story of how Wonders was pitched to become the convention center, let us spare a moment in the 2000s when the death clock was due to be scheduled for the Wonders of Life pavilion, with its drop in attendance rates, and the seasonal operation schedules put in place. Increasing obscurity led to the final nail in the coffin for its previous incarnation in 2007 (lest we forget), and sparked its destiny for a refurbishment (of surgical proportions) into a conventions hall for the festivals.

There has got to be a reason why I am writing about this little issue when very few people matter about it nowadays (nope, this is not the sound of forgetting and giving up, guys!) Over in Epcot nowadays, it is not uncommon to come face to face with topiaries of common Disney characters, but it is eyebrow raising to not find those bearing historical meaning to them (after all, before Epcot allowed Mickey and pals to greet guests after the mid 80s (give or take), they did have a few iconic characters - Figment, SMRT-1, and who could forget the "Boid" and Tiger the Robot?), let alone homage 'monuments' for attractions gone by. But since this blog is exclusive for a specific pavilion, this kind of limits my discussion of ideas to some potential 'bright ideas' that could serve as possible 'homage' topiary monuments to the pavilion's former incarnation...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Footsteps - You! The Experience

Welcome back, readers, and in another issue of Footsteps, we focus on another state of the art exhibit, already mentioned a little way back in this blog as an exhibit of interest, and even for its release a couple of years ago, it still has the inspirational appeal of what Wonders would have jumped for if it was given another chance.
You! The Experience is a successful interactive exhibit, as hosted by the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, and  focuses on the concept of life and health in an expansive take - ranging from the mind and body, through to healthy choices, through to medical innovations, and even in depth to a personal level. Again, because the exhibit is continentally away from my main blogging quarters (*SIGH*), I shall start with a brief summary of the exhibits primary highlights:

  • Your Mind - portraying the mind as the "...main generator of the thoughts, emotions and decisions that can affect your health in big and subtle ways", this part of the exhibit covers the self-portrait (how we see ourselves), as well as techniques to attract our attention (for instance, in advertising), and even an interactive 'brain exploration' game under augmented reality.

    More written information on this technological exhibit of the brain: Augmented Reality - Brain Interactive

  • Your Appetite - encouraging people to be concious of what they feed their bodies, this exhibit is hands-on, especially in fields on comparing different common snack choices (which one is healthier?) and even what's really in their snacks.

  • Your Heart - Considered the most iconic exhibit landmark of the Museum, it is a 13-foot tall 3D interactive animation, and shows many views of the heart, inside and out. Guests can interact by sending over their pulse - the heart on display will beat in time with theirs. Here's a brief video from their official website:

  • Your Beginning - In my humble opinion, if 'The Making of Me' had its own interactive exhibit, but with more artistic merit - this exhibit consists of an interactive display following a mother adjusting to a growing baby during pregnancy, through to a collection of preserved human embryo/fetuses, each per stage of development.

  • Your Vitality - they say that overall health is closely linked to quality of life, so this section is to do with the little things that can help your overall health. The iconic Laugh Garden is the cornerstone of the exhibit (and the epitome of laughter as the best medicine), as well as an engaging game of mindball, in which guests compete against each other trying to move the ball the furthest - the more relaxed the person, the higher chance of succeeding.

  • Your Movement - this section inspires guests to be more physically active in life, regardless of their age or state of health - this ranges through to the assisting (a "sports personality quiz" to help pick which activity you'll enjoy), through to the interactive (the 'hamster wheel' and the motion-capture screen installations)

  • Medical Innovations (ft. iStan®) - the name says it all, this section focuses on the high tech aspects of medical developments (which would have filled the niche for what Frontiers in Medicine), from the bionic, through to medical imaging, and even to some life-changing high tech procedures. Also featuring iStan®, a Human Patient Simulator unit, capable of exhibiting realistic symptoms of medical crises.

  • Your Future - now this part of the exhibit takes an intrapersonal look at how we see ourselves, whether physically (the interactive 'aging' simulation portraits), through to the mental (the interests, hopes and dreams, organised into your very own online bucket-list) and even the experiences of others (from the experiences of centenerians through to your opportunity to contribute a fragment of your life story)

The reason why I cite this exhibit in this blog article is due to its innovative nature; you may recall much earlier in the blog that there is mention of the exhibit as a primary source of inspiration for hypothesising what Wonders would have strived to be had it remained alive and nurtured, rather than shuttered and sentenced into oblivion. In fact, comparing the aesthetics of the Wonders of Life as it was presented since 1989, as well as that of You! The Experience, it seems that the latter has more aesthetic updated potential that Wonders would have pled for (but nobody listened.) Even some components of the exhibit would have inspired me to organize Wonders attractions by group (see Operation Imagineer for a little more understanding), among a few more things.

But honestly, being the distant blogger I am, I do not have the access to try the exhibit in person, so I am inviting you bloggers to leave a comment with regards to You! The Experience, and how it would have helped Wonders of Life still into visitors eyes.

Noting that this summary article is only a page in the book, here are some resources and external blog articles if you would like some more information, or some more pictorial evidence on each of the featured attractions and their technologies.
If you have any information or experiences with the above exhibit (what do you think of it?) or have a request for an externally based human body/health/wellbeing centered exhibit that you would like WOL4EVA to cover, feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time, readers!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gift - The Making of Me

As a salutation to everyone on the planet, I cannot stress this enough on Wonders of Life's involvement on presenting how we entered this world – how we developed and how we are born – all I can say is that there is one person we can as well thank for all the memories, our upbringing, and making our existence possible – and it's definitely as close as your mother. (Or probably even as far as your grandmother, and down the matriarchal side of the family tree). So, WOL4EVA would like to present a small gift in the form of a view-thru video covering this aspect of our lives...

I mean, all the good times and the hard times, it is probably time to bless her this Mothers Day, give her a break, even spend some time together. Love her back; you'll never know just how much she felt treasuring you way back, even as young as in her womb (seriously, just ask her! You'll be surprised at some of those interesting anecdotes, not all the while worth hearing, but fascinating.)

In part, Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

From Well and Goods: A Rare Literary Find

Readers, it is an interesting and surprising moment during the blog's history, that evidence of any promotional or memorial for the Wonders of Life pavilion is existent. What started with another lazy-headed eBay search has landed me into an eBay listing for a souvenir book, titled "Experience the Wonders of Life", a promotional souvenir book.

This book has been sold over on eBay, accessible right here.

According to the listing details, it reads as follows
Pictures and descriptions of all the attractions in the Yesterland "Wonders of Life" pavilion at Epcot, including: Body Wars, Cranium Command, The Making of Me, Goofy About Health, The Sensory Funhouse, Anacomical Players and more. 32 pages, 11"x 9"
While the item has been sold, the listing contains a few sample pages and excerpts, but in appeal to how the book is composed, there are some spectacular photography work done by Wayne Eastep, and wonderful biological illustration work by Charles Bentz.

What's more, apart from a textual brief description of the attractions, exhibits and facilities, there are some informative aspects of the body covered in focus by the attraction itself - some top-notch illustrations, such as the brain and blood cells. have been included to give readers a little understanding of what's covered. Three of the pages, for preview purposes, are shown below, this time covering the attractions, as well as the contents of the pavilion souvenir guide:

I must say that this book is rather rare by today's standards, and is obviously/very likely to be out-of-print. However, given the adequate sample preview pages of the aforementioned book, this souvenir guide provides some relevant information, as well as a few attraction and prop photos never before seen (also, they are able to trigger some memories as well).

In my personal aspects, it could be plausible to do a resurrection of a book of this time, but given the Wonders of Life pavilion has been shut for five years counting, consider this:

  • health issues and problems have been largely different now compared to then - while stress and health habits are still relevant, childhood obesity and health problems are reportedly on the rise within the population; even now, health remains a topic of interest.
  • medical innovations have skyrocketed in progress, so it is useful to document them in reference to the attractions.
  • the graphics design done in the early 90s is now a step off by today's standards - the fonts and colour schemes deserve a change.

This means not just an informational update, but there is a whole lot of interest (yes, interest) of the historical aspect behind the attractions - concept art and photographs, as well as backstories and legends behind the attractions. Add to the graphics design, as well as a growing need to introduce a young audience to this little piece of history, we'll definitely need an extra edition.

Anywho, with this find out of the way, we return to normal transmission...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Attractions Toolkit - Sensory Overhaul

Welcome to the first issue of Attractions Toolkit, where we select one of the pavilion's existing attraction and list a few possible addons, subtractions or even replacement options to attract the next generation. This would tie in with the Potential WoL Resurrection ideas sections covered in Operation: Imagineer on this blog.

Here we look back at the playground of the senses in which we faithfully know as the Sensory Funhouse. While we know that the five senses are the primary tools of exploring the world around us, bear in mind that the sensory playground has practically become a part of every competing science museum's attraction belt (well, make that a selection of those in which would soon be covered in the Footsteps section of the blog).
To be honest, compared to a given handful of state-of-the-art technological attractions that once were the superiority of areas outside Epcot's border, it appears that the Sensory Funhouse has had a crisis of attempting to catch up. Some of the critics would have seen Sensory Funhouse as, by current standards, comparable to what other science museums have on offer (plus not to mention how it would have trodden on the pawprints of the original ImageWorks upstairs playground once existent in days gone by).

And also by current knowledge, it is no doubt that all parts of the Sensory Funhouse are uprooted and buried from public view, but thanks to a vast array of photographs capturing parts and highlights of the exhibit, it would prove helpful to explain what you'd find in the exhibit:
  • Touchy Subjects - a gallery of physical objects (including an interactive guessing game on selecting the right object without peeking)
  • Perplexion Pipes/Curious Coils - a thermo-interactive exhibit famed for its warm-to-cold temperatures of the pipes. (Remember, after handling both pipes, when you handled the pipe in the middle?)
  • Audio Antics - binaural auditory guessing games, delivered to you by your headphones.
  • Optical Illusions (name says it all)
  • Crooked/Illusion Room - or commonly known as the Ames room exhibit, this played around with your perspective - the further occupants went into the room, the smaller they appeared, yet the room appears to stay the same.
(more information and photos present on LOST "Sensory Funhouse" gallery)

Sure most of them are long gone, but suppose that it was possible to bring this kind of exhibit back, it would require an extensive overhaul to literally bring it back into speed, but this would mean taking advantage of any aesthetics, topics and even technological elements to further the experience. This means looking over the highlights of the past Sensory Funhouse, and even going as far as figuring out the missing gaps of what it might possibly have, after the jump...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How the WOL4EVA Project Came to Be...

"It happens to everyone, one day you ask "Where did I come from? How did I get here? What's it like being born?""
~ Martin Short, Making of Me, 1989

Welcome back readers and hopefully the majority of you have again shrugged off the chocolate hangovers (like you'd assume it's a bad thing?!), and after encountering some first-reaction tweets of one of my articles, I guess it's time to discuss a true story behind how I ended up into the WOL4EVA project, and I must warn you it can contain traces of blue fur. But the more you examine this, the more you understand and the brighter the link will show up somehow...
This will be a mouthful though, so get ready to click on the jump...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fools: Upcoming Rumors and News for WoL

Please note that the following article was, with no intention to deceive anyone in utmost particular, written as an April Fools joke, this time, taking advantage of what some of us might perceive as a handful of 'potential bad ideas' that would have kicked Wonders in their metaphorical knees... take this as a grain of salt.

Dear readers,
It is with a very excited heart that I get to announce the fact that the foundation for the Wonders of Life pavilion's possible return is already in place. While some of us over at WOL4EVA are thrilled to hear of such news from an unsolicited whistleblower, there are some things you may need to know:
  • Rumor has it that Buzzy, from Cranium Command, has had a job shift, and is about to sign himself up for a cameo role in the upcoming reincarnation of Habit Heroes.
  • The United Galactic Federation is also looking forward to it's acquisition effort with MET Biotechnologies (the team behind the LGS-250 probe fleet), with Dr. Jumba Jookiba as their UGF representative president. Alien experiment teams to work alongside Captain Braddock are still decided underway.
  • Also, for the first time, there will be a hands-on exhibit that not only covers what happens in your restroom, but pays tribute to the bodily organs in charge of the dirty work of our bodies. Currently code named 'Journey into Elimination', this exhibit is also awaiting a sponsor deal from the Cranium Commando's intestinal and elimination units.
  • On the topic of dirty, there will be another exhibit focusing on the exo/endo parasites that call us home. A survey is currently underway to vacation goers with regards to the topic.

Again, this is only as much information as it is permitted to be online, but there are some more details with regards to whether this information is confirmed or not, as in the case of our selected spokesperson to comment...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Find for Well and Goods section!

Welcome back, readers, and in another find for the Well and Goods section of the site (interesting curios and long lost merchandise, give or take its existence) we have found one item that proves spectacularly of interest amongst curio hunters. The auctioneers that brought the Cranium Command sign to a new home have also brought out an interesting find, this time, something smaller...
You guessed it, a prop certificate from the crew at MET Biotech, as seen on eBay

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Tale of a Few Old-Time Films

Welcome again, readers, and in today's article, we are looking back at a few films that somehow have inspired parts of the Wonders of Life pavilion, their attractions, and even the revolutionizing of health and lifestyle education as we know today. What made me write out this little article was due to a memory of when Extinct Attractions was once online (I know, don't ask, don't tell...), they had a preview of the Wonders of Life history documentary, about some of the health oriented films produced by Walt Disney (some of which as part of the war effort) and how they influenced the development and homage of some of its attractions. Silly old myself was meant to write the historical lookback of those films, but for some apparent reason, it was until now that I decide to write this up as of now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Potential WoL Ressurection Ideas, part 6

Welcome back, readers, and moving on from our issues with regards to the fallen health habits experience now undergoing the scalpel, it is far wiser to get back into the hypothesis and armchair imagineering theories that Wonders would have needed. From past issues of Operation: Imagineering, here are a few articles that you might have missed:
  1. The Interior (Design, Structure at a Glance)
  2. Music Playlist
  3. Floorplan, Attraction Categories
  4. Colour and Design Schemes
  5. Sponsorship and Character Involvement

As life from the other side of the blogosphere is beginning to become hectic, you may experience a slight slump in blog updates, but I must assure you that doesn't mean all operations have abandoned ship. Keeping in line with the pavilion image, we'll continue delving into pavilion image by a few things coming...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Looking out for Number - Whaaaat?!

From a screenshot malfunction I picked out the other day...

...this reminded me at this time that when it comes to being alive, there are some tasks on the 'to do' list that aren't really glamorous. Elimination being one of them, and yet, we do it. This sounds TMI to freely admit in a society like this, but what boggles and raises my eyebrows out of humor is, well... Let's look at Bobby's black box and recall a quote from there...
Left Brain: Aren't you forgetting some... functions?
Buzzy: Uhm, Elimination, give me a reading!
Elimination: (checks reading) Bladder reading at 9.9, sir!
Buzzy: We can hold it. Full speed ahead!
Elimination: No! NO!

And yet, we reveal a plothole, primarily done to cleanly cut to the chase. But seriously?! They say if life gives one lemons, they would have to make lemonade. Though speaking of making lemonade from lemons (please don't take it as an euphemism), it would only be wise to mention that of whatever leaves us, somehow, there is always another mind out there willing to take advantage of what we take for granted...
...wait, they did? You mean those video game systems for urinals? Okay, so this is insanity for the average person, but add to the reduction of having to wipe up spilled puddles as a result of failed aim, some would say it could be a good idea, but waking up, this is a life and health focused blog, so what if there was something testing the health of...
...wait, such a thing exists too? Apparently, technology is developing that could, well, hook you up to a medical database during your ten minutes off, which could spell less awkward encounters at the doctors office.
And surely having one as part of the medical oddities showcase exhibit (if we were to be including one) could be a neutral idea (love it or loathe it). But a fully functioning one, I bet, could be the equivalent of, well, spilling and admitting your humiliating secrets to other people in earshot. But apparently, it could give someone something to think about... uhm... it's a long story.
So before the day bursts for all sorts of humiliating information, I'd rather leave that up to you readers to think it over, and express how you stand. And to close this off, let me ask you a question now this topic's dealt with: feeling better now?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

STOP PRESS: Habit Heroes defeated. Plan B!

To date, thanks to an overwhelming response from the public, Habit Heroes has admitted defeat and gone underground. While it was a great exhibit and while it had the technology to heal the wound Wonders left behind, it'll undergo extensive treatment for reasons too heartbreaking to mention. However, for those ready to take the next step, see the previous blog post for another way to take action.

WOL4EVA will remain on the alert on this issue until further notice, due to a shortage of ideas. Please stand by.

Friday, February 24, 2012

STOP PRESS: Discrimination chews fat on Habit Heroes, No sympathy for Brain Pilot

In case you missed it, a new updated version of Habit Heroes is online at the time of this update for over six months, so here are some meandering over here
Welcome back readers, and for those who come across this page, please note that the following blog post was written on full-on hair trigger, out of a mixture of emotions, and probably taking a different turn on the 'oust Habit Heroes' movement (this time, not just citing mental conditioning and body image issues, but to reignite Wonders of Life's role in Epcot's history now at risk of being upsurped by its fallen successor.
It seems that while Habit Heroes has the technology to get everyone into getting fit and picking up health habits, it seems that not everyone is enjoying the exhibit for what it's worth.

According to a news article from the Huffington Press, it seems that these 'fallen heroes' may be psychologically hitting kids with bricks. Prognosis? Discrimination. While this was literally uncalled for (I sympathize with the Mouse and they didn't mean to hurt anyone), there are people in the wide belt (no, literally) who have had their feelings hurt thanks to how the exhibit portrayed them. Even this article from Epcyclopedia has picked it up. Even now, dieting blogs, and even health professionals are even prepared to pick up their lighters and igniting an Occupy Movement against the Habit Heroes.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Epic Brain Fart, or Stroke of Bad Luck?

Apologies for the title, but behind every Epcot pavilion, there's bound to be something worth raising eyebrows – interesting secrets and mind-boggling trivia (that is), or even 'urban legends' behind the pavilion and it's attractions. In this tradition, the Wonders of Life pavilion is no exception. Of course, some 'urban legend' tales about the pavilion, despite being hard to believe by itself, would prove a little fascinating to even believe that it may have happened.

One example of an 'urban legend' tale from the Wonders of Life was, in a sorrowful ironic twist of fate, the loss of a four year old girl aboard a ride on Body Wars (thanks to an undiscovered heart condition) in May 1995. Seventeen years on, we express our condolences.

Moving on, and we now focus on Wonder's iconic attractions (no brainer to work it out), but this time, on a seldomly quoted 'brain fart' mentioned by a few guests and even a cast member during their deployment in Wonders during its heyday (make that 'failday'?) Just because Cranium Command was a successful take of the way the brain interacts with the body, doesn't mean it had done so without a few brain farts along the way...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet and Greet? You Gotta Be Stitch-ing Me!

Welcome back, readers, and I'm apologising beforehand for readers not accustomed to character invasions in EPCOT (well, ironically after the Wonders of Life started it first!), but a random though popped up in my mind with regards to character meet and greets (that is, if it were allowed in my hypothetical resurrection of WOL) - who we might expect to encounter, and in which location and setting? Still a very touchy subject by broad fan discussion standards, but in this imaginative pondering of this eyebrow-raising thought bubble, let's assume we do so...

...never mind the reactions... But let's start off with a few suggestions, as mentioned in a forum post provided below:

...but if it were up to me, I'd retheme the entirety of the pavilion to appear like you're inside a human body... lots of kinetic blood moving through tubes, electrical impulses moving through out the ceiling, a very low steady heartbeat, exhibits all over the place explaining body functions (not unlike the old hands on exhibits), and a food court in the "stomach". Leave an updated Cranium Command in the "brain" as the headliner and you've got yourself place people would want to visit.
Bathrooms would, of course, be found in the bladder.And a Meet & Greet with Stitch in the colon.
From Krack, "What to do with WoL?", post #3
Sure, sure, that would not be glamorous in a sense... after all, you can appropriately say that Stitch is probably the star with his own right to edge on the gross side (don't get me started on the nose-pick stunt!) However, this somehow reminds me of a cuddly, snuggly piece of concept art done prior to the blog, starring the alien experiment couple, somehow in an Innerspace getaway...

...okay, enough. Now you've got your drift about the only good thing about a meet and greet in this manner, then perhaps it would be far wiser to have him in the exploration suit shown above. Probably a little similar to the slim body-fitting suits that Dr. Cynthia Lair would have been seen wearing, and probably to have a few in the audience drooling... *sigh* "...Braddock, we need a mop."
Aside from the cleanup, we'll focus on another character candidate that could probably raise some ideas. In the past, Body Wars served as the future equivalent of the medical facility, this time for touring purposes. But assuming we give Stitch and the galactic head honchos (if we assume so) the authority to have room for themselves, then it would be far wiser to consider saying hi to someone in charge:
Oh boy...
Apparently, I have my reasons. Assuming that WoL would end up with an Innerspace/laboratory theming area that would probably (and similarly-wise) fill a niche for Body Wars and Frontiers, it could be wise to consider a 'wandering-encounter' with the evil-genius scientist. In a lab coat. Of course, in this way, that would definitely give guests a possible role model in the scientific discovery behind the body's secrets, and yet Epcot management might as well have overlooked Dr. Jumba as a possible candidate for the right character to fill this spot. If done correctly, you would as well find Dr. Jumba mostly in the Frontiers sections at most.
But enough with scattering blue fur all over the topic of meet and greets. According to the What's Next for WOL survey, over half of the respondents don't necessarily approve of having a character play host for the pavilion. Be it lucky that Stitch hasn't gotten his name in the survey, and I hope nobody's getting any ideas about it. Anywho, let's give this topic a little more space and go ahead another one that's plaguing my cranium into confusion until now...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Footsteps - Sportsworks exhibit

To the bloggers new to reading the blog, welcome. And for those who are here following the blog on its various research and travels, welcome back. In Footsteps, we investigate a selection of exhibits outside EPCOT territory... which, for some apparent inspirational (and unintentional) reason, decided to follow in the footsteps of the Wonders of Life pavilion. And this first article issue will cover a particular exhibit which, must I confess, is apparently one closest to my resident city from where I am writing. Where in the world is the exhibit I'm writing about?
Image at  
It's in here, at a science museum somewhere in the city of Melbourne, Australia, which I'd like to introduce you to ScienceWorks. Basically, the ScienceWorks museum, as with the case of other science and hands-on museums some of you may have been to, appear to be very popular with school children, and I can recall going there within my primary school grades 5 and 6 individually. My last trip so far there was in 2007, when an exhibit on the science of movie special effects and the use of animatronic components in films was going on. Also, for overseas readers in Australia, and particularly the Melbourne area, who can recall visiting the museum as a kid (or most likely a parent) would have took notice at some of the changes in coming subsequent visits. Exhibits come and go, but believably for variety reasons, this could mean that EPCOT is not necessarily alone on the changes (for either negative or positive reasons... either  way.) But enough about the visit nostalgia...
The entrance to Scienceworks' niche attraction of Wonder's Fitness Fairgrounds exhibit, Sportsworks
[Photo found here]
As part of its array of 'permanent' exhibits, Sportsworks largely focuses on the science of human physiology behind one of our well known pasttimes and current activities - sports. And keeping in touch with the hands-on element that we see in some of Wonder's fitness related exhibits (Fitness Fairgrounds, Coach's Corner...), Sportsworks has manages one step further (and larger) with a selection of various activities related to fitness, exercise and sports in general. For instance, Sportsworks has a selection of fitness test activities, which allow visitors to test their abilities - their balance, lifting, tugging and jumping, etc. abilities. Last time I visited with my family (awww!), I recall picking up a leaflet which allowed you to fill in the results, and what you did after filling them in, you fed them into a computer and it would calculate the results.
Just some of the hands-on exhibits in Sportsworks.
In fact, school programs revolve around the museum. Photo seen on 
The west exhibit entrance, with the skeletal cyclist model suspended in midair; snowboard simulator and other displays. Photo seen on
Visitors have the opportunity to race against one of Australia's iconic athletic sprinters in sports history, Cathy Freeman.
 Also, with regards to the other activities on offer, there are some interesting activities. for instance, the interactive jogging track (while dated by technological standards) allows visitors to test their sprinting skills against well known track athletes. Other hands on activities include the rock climbing wall, and even simulation games to do with kayaking, snowboarding and (last time I glanced), an immersive game where users play 'goalie' and defend their soccer goalpost by catching the soccer balls as they fly by. How's that for stimulating?
From local news article slideshow, "Fun and Chaos at Scienceworks", accessible at
But enough about the description. What I discovered during the research that Fitness Fairgrounds and Coach's Corner, by today's standards, would have literally fainted in comparison to Sportsworks from one of Australia's iconic science museums. It's actually confirmed, thanks to personal experience as a kid (regardless of where it is) that these hands on exhibits are popular with kids, young and old. Had Wonders hung on for much longer, let alone be raised back to life, it would prove plausible to consider a similar setup for the new look Fitness Fairgrounds and Coach's Corner sections. 

Of course, apart from the science of the body, the exhibit actually gives visitors another kind of education - mathematics, measurement and the technology behind sports. In fact, the fitness activity tests included a height and weight chart for statistical purposes. From there, visitors have estimated, counted and measured their way into the fitness activities, even making their way into school programs. Oh, the far cry when EPCOT once was graced by local schools in its heyday...

...moving on. However, this exhibit isn't the only one that demonstrates science behind sport, physiology and everything else in this category. Believe it or not, depending on where the last time you visited a science museum was, you may have encountered a sports exhibit similar to this one. The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh of the US, has a similarly titled sports exhibit in the science center - Highmark Sportsworks, and there is an entire gallery of photos from the exhibit opening if you're curious.

And that actually is it for the first run of Footsteps, ready for another lap for another type of exhibit. If you're interested in what could have been the next steps to frame up the fitness corner of a WOL gone by, feel free to stop by over at:

For the visitors on this page, I shall leave you with a question:
"If you have recently been to a sports exhibit in a science museum, where was it, what was its name, and how was it for you?"
Simply leave a heartfelt, nostalgic or interesting answer, (or even a creative response) in the comments section BELOW. Anywho, for those reading this, I would like to give thanks, and I recommend you stay tuned for the next post within WOL4EVA.

Until next time, readers!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Potential WOL Resurrection Ideas, part 5

To the readers staving off their post-holiday blues, here I am again, ready to delve into some more possibilities for bringing back Wonders to a whole new generation. I'm sure you've cried off the tears (or hopefully some steam) with regards to your views on things the way they were. Since the last update, here's the list of things that you may have missed prior to the last update:
  1. The Interior (Design, Structure at a Glance)
  2. Music Playlist
  3. Floorplan, Attraction Categories
  4. Colour and Design Schemes 

Now, to start the new year, we might as well suck in that gut and hit two little issues with the same stress ball in one throw...and trust me, they're a lot more controversial than you would think.