Monday, May 2, 2011

Possibility 2.5 - Try a Time Warp

In which I continue on with the subject, hands up if you recognise the quote and these two people of note:

"In those years we have some successes......and some failures..."

Yes, at the brink of 1989, it's not uncommon for the audience to raise a laugh at the appearance of Ernest P Worrel as branded one of the failures in brain piloting history. But nowadays, it's a case of 'bro, who is that guy, and what's his photo doing in there?'
Of course, the definition of failures has now changed rather dramatically between then and now, so perhaps a possible idea to illustrate the definition of 'failure'. Here's a possible candidate:

Okay, so it's not who is it I'm talking about, but a potential action that defines what General Knowledge means by 'failures'. This image, in which I explain why I chose this, is one of the most viral over the Internet, and in my opinion, I bet the next generation will react well with the image.
Of course, if you have any ideas for hilarious photographs that could serve as potential candidates for the 'failures' category among the brains, then feel free to post a suggestion here!


  1. How's abbout a funny Justin Bieber picture? XD

  2. I didn't get to vote on when I last went to WoL but it wasSeasonal Period of 2007 when it was last open


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