Friday, October 10, 2014

Soap Box - There's a Storm Coming

To the readers worrying about me and other WoL related ideas currently gathering dust, do not worry, and do not fret. Okay, some of you may be fretting for different reasons, but I'll explain two sides of the story, and chances are you are really familiar with them. One is happening globally and at home, and the other a significant blow to Epcot, depending on how you interact with it.

So let's start with the lesser significant blow to Epcot. Many visitors from mid-1988 recall the World Showcase thrill ride Maelstrom - a tale of Norwegian trolls and spooks, along a whirlwind tour of what makes Norway, well, Norway, with mystical awe. For some reason, Wonders of Life would be home to Body Wars, the second thrill ride in Epcot (but the first ever in Future World), but in comparison, Maelstrom outlasted Body Wars, 25 odd years to 17 respectively. After the confirmation of the Kingdom of Ariendelle given full reign to represent and take care of the Norway pavilion, the ride now said farewell and attracted scores of people, to be the last to pass through this adventure. Never mind the scores of people looking forward to new developments from the beloved ice-princess sisterly duo, bigger circles had the opportunity to deliver an emotional farewell to an Epcot classic, where Wonders of Life sadly never did.

And now, to sadder, distraught and frightened news on a disease outbreak. Yes, outbreak, one topic which could have been brought further to attention by Wonders of Life. Since around August and September, the infamous Ebola outbreak has held Central and West Africa in crisis, with hundreds facing infection, and tragically dying so soon. Even now, there is word that after volunteering to care for the infected and assisting in healthcare matters, little by little, some volunteers managed to get infected too. I know some of you readers are frightened by the news of another outbreak setting foot in your country, but specialised disease control procedures will hopefully be effective enough to isolate the disease.

Which brings me to some thoughts... had the Miniaturised Exploration Technologies lab been around to see the outbreak, chances are Dr. Cynthia Lair would have broadcast a speech mourning the tragic losses and championing those who are risking their lives in fighting the disease. In the worst cases, Body Wars would have closed out of respect (but sadly meaning that even MET is not even immune to such infectious diseases either), and probably in memoriam to those suffering and far gone.

Our soul.

But there is another bright light, especially with word of a vaccine and prevention plan to curb the spread of Ebola, and if feasible, even eradicate it. Had Frontiers remained open along with the pavilion, that would mean a greater insight in isolating, weakening and eradicating infectious diseases before they strongly wreak havoc around this planet.

It is a somber realisation in the coming wake of the Wonders of Life memorial anniversary of 25 years, but that doesn't mean the blog has reached its end. Not with loose ends and unfinished chapters and so little bubbles of discussion willing to expand and spread the word. No, Wonders of Life Eterna is not nearing its end in the wake of the storm, but will forever salute those who are weathering it, and urging others to stay safe, and study, gather, learn a lot. A lot.

And don't forget, Halloween is not very far away, but only time will tell how WOL4EVA could try to mark the occasion.

At ease, readers. If you have any words or thoughts, please discuss and I'll catch up shortly.