Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas - Advent Badges

A very happy Christmas season to everyone involved, but not with a few hiccups. Since the informational website has currently gone down, I am very happy to announce that I still have some of the badges saved direct to hard drive (backups work!) So, for anyone who has missed them, here are some of the advent badges used in the advent calendar. Not any of them have the captions attached, but feel free to have a look at your festive leisure!

Up Comes the Tree
The obligatory first day in the advent calendar would be to bring down the tree from storage. Or cutting a fresh one, wood, sap and all. You are faced with the brainstaking task of untangling the lights and counting all the baubles and ornaments that are still in shape from last season. Maybe you're staying traditional and consistent, with the same decorations year by year. Or maybe you're changing tree fashions year after year. But hey, it's your tree. Just don't forget to check that all the lights are working, and that they're plugged to the power supply.

If Wonders of Life were still around... 
The Tower of Life would have been decked with fairy lights. Obliviously a star would have to sit on the top of one of the top of the four strands.
Counting Down The Days
Counting down the days until the big day is one of the usual traditions during the holidays, and love them or loathe them, the advent calendar is commonplace at this time of year. They come in different shapes and makes, from the decorative ones with miniature cupboards counting down the dates, through to the interactive ones passed around on the social media. And for those wanting the sugary taste of endorphins, there are prepackaged ones with a chocolate a day.

If Wonders of Life were still around... 
There would have been a small calendar structure counting down the days until the holidays.

Messages of Good Cheer
Communication is key during the holidays. The holidays are great times for people to show up on family doorsteps for the festivities, whether next door or halfway around the world. Others who meet through the superinfo highway are happy enough to send an email message, or at least a social networking wall post. But amongst all these, nobody can go past a handwritten message of hope and well wishes in a holiday card.

If Wonders of Life were still around... 
Cards would have been offered along with gift shop purchases, and also as a token of thanks on every ride.

Lighting Up Joy
Fairy lights are just one of many glimmering wonders the holiday season has to offer. Every neighborhood home uses this to their advantage to showcase their illuminating image (a little too bright) to their street, while streets and shop windows attract customers and bystanders on their magical displays. As far as some of us can recall, even Disney World takes advantage of such wonderful lighting magic indeed (which I wonder, if anyone still remembers the Osborne Lights Spectacular.)

If Wonders of Life were still around...
Either the Tower of Life monument, or the dome would have a fairy light decoration around it. It could be purely from aesthetic holiday patterns, through to messages of goodwill.

Snowflakes - Sight for Sore Eyes
Love or hate the cold weather, snowflakes are an astonishing sight to watch. Their minuscule size and unique pattern for each one makes snowflakes the most beautiful icon for the holidays. Of course, even in places where snowfall isn't commonplace, icons of the snowflake garnish places everywhere.

If Wonders of Life were still around... 
The snowflake icons would be hung on the main pavilion mobile, able to glimmer and glow in a shining light direction.
So far, my hairbrained composure was too frazzled to backup the rest of the quotes for the rest of the advent, but I will hopefully be able to keep an open eye on the rest of the quotes, however they may arrive. Here's to  happy holiday season, and a healthy one too, love WOL4EVA!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Soapbox - Brainy Connections

Welcome back readers, and yet some sincere apologies as I have literally been brain drained due to external influences, that have gotten in the way of maintaining the blog.

( - "Melbourne?")


It's not being easy when reporting from a city as interesting and ever changing every year. But as this is a Wonders of Life centric blog, I'll try to refocus my mind back onto the things that literally matter, so let's consider this as a "welcome back", and just in time for the holiday season. So for anyone demanding an apology for the delay, then in this case, I'm sorry, and will hopefully try to regain some energy into the project. Actually, in the event that I too run into another blank, ring me up again in the comments or on social media.

On a better note, let's keep on dusting the blankets of dust that has covered the blog since the mid year, to reduce any chance of sneezing. And for this reason, there is some mind boggling news of interest for this blog, but it'll take forever for me to compact it into a nutshell, so hence this is how I'm going to summarise it...