Sunday, February 13, 2011

Possibilitiy 1: Three Dee Vision

Welcome back, fellow readers. So far, there has been some interesting publicity happening with this blog, especially with the link being posted on a forum, for others to have a look. I have mentioned earlier that this blog will contain handfuls of *ahem* UNOFFICIAL Imagineering possibilities that might spell a reboot for the Wonders of Life pavilion.

...Or should I have said 'might have'?

Once upon a time, before this blog went to air, I did a lot more 'what-if' scenarios for bringing back the Pavilion to its former glory. I had scribbled in some notes, comparisons and even the odd comment on how the Wonders of Life would have been treated, if brought back correctly. Had you came to my place and had a look at the pieces of paper that contained them, you'll just shrug and pass this off as 'meh, nothing special'.
Until today, this fateful day...