Saturday, October 26, 2013

How Not to Have a Healthy Halloween

In another surprising episode of What the WT-!, Halloween sees a spike in candy consumption and sharing, not just at doorsteps of houses, but at every party in any house and community hall (and cosplay pageant if they exist). And because at the time of this blogpost, once again, toothpaste and dental health companies don the message of sharing the sugary joy responsibly and consuming candy moderately (because face it, teeth are the diamond encrusted silverware of the human body – too expensive to lose or damage). Without being too preachy with the "healthy things are better than candy", Crest and OralB decided to put together an ad campaign with this in mind, capturing the kids' reactions to healthy Halloween options gone terribly wrong.

Sure, the advert is not meant to offend anyone who chooses to eschew candy products in favor of healthy fruit and vegetables, but reaction wise it is meant to be a comedic lampoon on how healthy options may be exploited too commonly for the dollar. Okay, okay, On the topic of which, Wonders of Life really did have a healthy options bar, Pure and Simple, and you may remember it selling salads and wraps through to yoghurt and waffles and the odd fruit. According to the advert, there is a high likeliness the bars' Halloween would feel like a (admitted it) drabby Helloween.

You can feel free to express your views on the advert, both on the source video page, as well as on this blog post comments section. And if anyone is gearing up for a Halloween season like no other (either a quiet night of delivering candy, or hosting a party, or going out trick or treating in your finest garmentry), I leave you with some words of wisdom the time trick or treaters come: sites like Spoonful's article on doing your own healthy Halloween treats could be of help if you like to cook and create. Supplying for trick or treaters? Don't be afraid to check the labels if you Offer sweet fruits such as apple slices and carrot sticks (always a winner with kids) but hey, it's Halloween, and moderation ensures happy celebrations!

I wonder if, you too, would be interested in watching a collection of healthy public service announcements? There are some scary and unsettling ones, word of warning, and apt for the night of fright to come! Hopefully, the Wonders of Life Eterna blog will be returning back into gear, open for suggestions and recovering from bloggers' block as we speak!