Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Header Changes and View Counts

Hello, readers, and if you're amazed by the header change, then it's probably because of that cheeky colour scheme toying with my ideas. Sure, those who are familiar with the blog know that the Wonders of Life pavilion grand-opened on October 31st 1989, but there is an interesting fact this blog has to offer. And for some reason, it's just useless information in comparison to everything else on the blog. Ready?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Possibility 3: Sniffing at the Sensory Barrier

Welcome back, readers, and after a little research dive into one of the Wonders of Life's greatest hits of all time, it's time we start sniffing out another possibility used up in multiple attractions. No pun intended - we'll be sticking our noses and muzzles into the possibility of harnessing smellitiser technology to enhance exhibition sections. Sure, most attractions take advantage of such technological wizardry, even those that take advantage of our senses, but we might be sitting on a little goldmine here, with regards to how we might enhance the environment a little more.
After all, according to a little passage from Scent Sciences:
People respond deeply to scent, which enhances their experiences and connects deeply to their emotional memory.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Battle of the Cortexes

This post has been edited due to more research found to supplement this article. If anyone has some clarifications, or just a few brainwaves to help, please comment. It would be of big help.

Welcome again, readers. A week after the birthday celebration season for the Magic Kingdom slows down to normal, it's also birthday season to the blogmaster (that's me!), so on behalf of the visitors entering or passing by this blog, thanks. And now to another 'bet you didn't know' post, centered on one of the Wonders' iconic attractions residing in the majority of visitor's hearts to this day...