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This page is basically named after the Wonders of Life's only gift shop Well and Goods. In short it basically sold not just athletic gear, but souvenirs and mementos specific to the pavilion and its attractions - pins, hats and shirts, to name a few.This page also would contain some of the curios one might come across for the Wonders of Life - promotional brochures, as well as Cast Member exclusives not normally accessible to the public (and only obtainable on eBay)


Sadly, these forms of merchandise are not for sale. But however, this gallery exists only to showcase the forms of interesting and rare merchandise existing for the Wonders of Life pavilion at present.

Where found?
Friday 22nd July, 2011

This graphic came from a rare Cast Member shirt for the Construction Team that was done during the construction and development of the Wonders of Life pavilion. Sold on eBay at April 21st, 2007. Found at
Friday 22nd July, 2011

A food service tray from the Pure and Simple bar. Basically shows the various attractions and areas in the pavilion. From the MetLife sponsorship era. Found at
Monday 25th July, 2011

Set of patches from early CM costumes (Cranium Command).
Motto on right patch reads: "Mens sana in corpore sano" (Latin: "A healthy mind in a healthy body")
Found over at eBay
Wednesday 7th September, 2011
Promotional brochure for the Wonders of Life pavilion; early 90's, from when Metropolitan Life was the primary sponsor. Found over at eBay
Wednesday 7th September, 2011
Badge given to riders who rode on Body Wars during the initial years from 1989; pin-back button Found over at eBay; also mentioned on PinPics
Friday 30th March, 2012
This front-of-line certificate pass is given to guests who were shorter than the 40" minimum height requirement; this will enable the person to bypass the queue on pass presentation once the height requirement was met Found over at eBay
Tuesday 8th May, 2012
This 32-page, 9"x11" souvenir book gives a written and photographic tour of the Wonders of Life pavilion, with accompanying biological and anatomical diagrams and health tips accompanying the attraction description. Found over at eBay; sample pages will be released for proof of item existence.
Sunday 10th June, 2012
Screen printed cap bearing the Cranium Command insignia, except replacing the brain/lightning bolt emblem, the landmark of the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, California (the Fantasia wizard's hat and the film reel) Found at eBay
Monday 3rd September, 2012
Bomber style jacket delivered to Cast Members. Dates to pavilion's opening in 1989. Back of the jacket has embroidered components. Found over at eBay
10th October, 2012
Flower pot planters featuring the mid-90s Wonders of Life pavilion entrance signage, displayed in a colour scheme of navy blue, red and gold. The MetLife name is displayed as it once was on the sign before the 2001 pullout. Found over at eBay
Friday 2nd November 2012
Actual cast member costume shirt, typical issue for the majority of the Wonders of Life pavilion (management of exhibits, theaters, Pure & Simple counter service). The costume contains fluorescent hues of blue, orange and lime green, along with the multicoloured badge of the pavilion logo, plus a fabric strip to provide room for the cast member badge. Found over at eBay
Wednesday 21st August 2013
Rare T-shirt garment, featuring a partial head portrait of General Knowledge, surrounded by an arranged title marquee of the attraction name.Found over at eBay


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