Saturday, May 21, 2011

Artist Concept - Buzzy Cortex

So it was at least two days ago when I was pawing around with Photoshop, as part of providing my fellow blog readers with this little addition from my deviantArt gallery. Here it is below:

Artist's Concept: Buzzy Cortex by ~RabidLeroy on deviantART

So basically, what I was doing is a potential design concept of our brain pilot Buzzy, for a handful of selected reasons -
  • in the event that the animated preshow be overhauled (as suggested in previous post Possibility 2: Try a Time Warp)
  • in the event that Buzzy's career be destined toward the silver screen (personally I might like to have that happen, but it's a 'don't-know-yet' moment at the moment.
It's also the process involved in building the artist's impression that also might interest you. I have built this image entirely from scratch in Photoshop - starting with the basic shape and structure sketch on one layer, through to the basic lineart on the next, and all the way to the finalised line and colour layers that you see right now.

For some reason, I like the look and feel of the artist's impression as it reminds me of selected artwork made by the artists over there at Pixar, whom I might thank and bless for the source of inspiration that I adopted for this impression.

For those who are surprised by the amount of words covering up Buzzy in his professional brain-pilot glory, here's why - I have applied a watermark for security purposes. Even if the image is shared online, the name of the artist responsible for this design is still there. So, bloggers, what do you think of this little design sketch? Let your voice be heard in the comments BELOW.

Until next time, readers!

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