Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And now an (unofficial) EPIC FAIL suggestion...

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to a segment I'd like to call...
Yes really. From the corners of the Internet they lurk, you'll never know when something interesting can be found on the Internet. Sometimes, with the quirky help of my right-brained mind, I would submit a few things for some of you to either raise a smile (or even cringe with shock horror). I got the name of the segment from an interesting way of abbreviating (into NATO Phonetic) the expression used for shock-horror situations, "What the-?!" (and for some reason I sliced the last part to conceal what the expression really means.)

To start that off, we've obviously heard enough about having a blue-furred alien experiment running loose around Tomorrowland (make that Stitch's FAIL Escape, anyone?), but I just found an interesting quote from WondersOfLife over there at the WDWMagic forums. For some reason, being a Stitchfan myself, but also aware of how CHAOTIC things would end up had Stitch got the keys to the golden dome, I've decided to post the quote up myself, and this is what he said:

...I'd rather see "Stitch's Cranium Command", "The making of the intergalactic federation", and "Experiment Wars"

Put all those together, move SGE there, then let THAT be the place for stitch to be at the theme parks and not let him invade anymore of the parks!

...The new pavilion, sponsored by nobody because it'll be a fail, will be named: "Stitch's Wonders of Human life-forms".

WondersofLife, "Wonders of Life???" at post #36
For some reason it's totally reminded me of this

And believeably I just posted this because apart from the fact WOL was a little lucky to be put out of its misery before being subject to having the blue-furred exp. have free roam of MET's labs and Buzzy's working space. And while I have an appreciation for the blue furred experiment (for, ugh forbid, 6 years running?) as much as my recent appreciation for a long-lost brain pilot, you can easily guess what my expression would end up had Stitch somehow be hired for the pavilion.
As you can see, readers.

Of course, that sparked a thread in the ChitChat section of the WDWMagic forums, in which I decided to put up a voting experiment.
"If you put Stitch and Buzzy in the same room, what would happen?"
Of course, voters wouldn't be able to vote on the poll without a WDWMagic Forum Account, but from the forum post there are seven possible reasons to choose from. Here they are below:
  • Stitch would annoy/scare/pester Buzzy to no end. (Obviously so.)
  • Stitch and Buzzy would become fast friends (Awww!)
  • Stitch and Buzzy would avoid each other. (Hmmph!)
  • Buzzy would be asking Stitch questions to no end. ("S-so I was asking, how come you're...")
  • Instand brawl/fight/argument between the two (Bites, scratches and one angered General!)
  • Buzzy would be planning an escape to get away from Stitch ("Where's a teaspoon so I can dig myself out of this room?")
  • Nothing. Hopefully, nothing. (Or probably up to your imagination. *shrug*)
Commenters, I think it's much better to see the poll results and perhaps figure out your own conclusion.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What an amazing 11 months!

In case you didn't know, readers, this blog was opened almost one year ago on June 30th, in the tradition of future Imagineering blogs. While the blog was intended to become a box of essays, it has become a filing cabinet of possible Imagineering ideas if the pavilion be opened up to its former glory once more.
So to celebrate, I have found a photo gallery with some of the photos of the Wonders of Life pavilion taken somewhere in the 2005 or 2006 holiday seasons (or earlier).

And a whole lot more accessible if you click the photo above!
   Enjoy the offering, readers!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Artist Concept - Buzzy Cortex

So it was at least two days ago when I was pawing around with Photoshop, as part of providing my fellow blog readers with this little addition from my deviantArt gallery. Here it is below:

Artist's Concept: Buzzy Cortex by ~RabidLeroy on deviantART

So basically, what I was doing is a potential design concept of our brain pilot Buzzy, for a handful of selected reasons -
  • in the event that the animated preshow be overhauled (as suggested in previous post Possibility 2: Try a Time Warp)
  • in the event that Buzzy's career be destined toward the silver screen (personally I might like to have that happen, but it's a 'don't-know-yet' moment at the moment.
It's also the process involved in building the artist's impression that also might interest you. I have built this image entirely from scratch in Photoshop - starting with the basic shape and structure sketch on one layer, through to the basic lineart on the next, and all the way to the finalised line and colour layers that you see right now.

For some reason, I like the look and feel of the artist's impression as it reminds me of selected artwork made by the artists over there at Pixar, whom I might thank and bless for the source of inspiration that I adopted for this impression.

For those who are surprised by the amount of words covering up Buzzy in his professional brain-pilot glory, here's why - I have applied a watermark for security purposes. Even if the image is shared online, the name of the artist responsible for this design is still there. So, bloggers, what do you think of this little design sketch? Let your voice be heard in the comments BELOW.

Until next time, readers!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WANTED: Merchandise and Souvenir Photos

Welcome back readers. For those of you who have been to the Wonders of Life pavilion during its heydays, you may have known of a small gift shop named Well and Goods Limited. Basically what it does is provide not just athletic gear, but also souvenirs and mementos specific to the pavilion (be it shirts, hats or even pins).

Now, I know that for some reason, some of you may have a few souvenirs hidden somewhere in either the closet or the bottom of your backpack, or the attic. There may also be cases where people may have picked them up from markets of thrift stores, and felt curious on where it once came from. Or perhaps there are those who would like to get a good idea of the interesting collectibles and souvenirs from the iconic pavilion of its time.

That's why there is the link to the page From Well and Goods Outlets, a page dedicated to not just souvenirs from the pavilion, but also souvenirs from the site as well - wallpapers, and in the meantime, buddy icons, and if you're lucky, ringtones for your portable device or cellphone. You can click over to the link, and then navigate to the section Merchandise Photos for more information about sending information on merchandise.

Until next time, readers!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Possibility 2.5 - Try a Time Warp

In which I continue on with the subject, hands up if you recognise the quote and these two people of note:

"In those years we have some successes......and some failures..."

Yes, at the brink of 1989, it's not uncommon for the audience to raise a laugh at the appearance of Ernest P Worrel as branded one of the failures in brain piloting history. But nowadays, it's a case of 'bro, who is that guy, and what's his photo doing in there?'
Of course, the definition of failures has now changed rather dramatically between then and now, so perhaps a possible idea to illustrate the definition of 'failure'. Here's a possible candidate:

Okay, so it's not who is it I'm talking about, but a potential action that defines what General Knowledge means by 'failures'. This image, in which I explain why I chose this, is one of the most viral over the Internet, and in my opinion, I bet the next generation will react well with the image.
Of course, if you have any ideas for hilarious photographs that could serve as potential candidates for the 'failures' category among the brains, then feel free to post a suggestion here!