Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take your marks...

get set...

...okay, okay, not yet. But I am pleased to let you all know about a survey I have managed to post onto the website. Apparently, it is a highly detailed survey, and would take a goof half hour or more to complete. But if you're into contributing some good suggestions for what would bring WoL back into the spotlight (if that were to happen) then this survey would be for you.

It's called "What's Next for WoL?" (although ironically it focuses on everything else but WoL at the start) and basically it's part of a blog-based research project I might like to put together for the blog. The survey takes a look at these components:
  • Personal details, as in which area you come from, a little about yourelf, and such. These might be used to categorise the data by attribute.
  • Views on the Disney Parks, literally a litmus test to determine which parks the user has been to (based on either experience or by interest)
  • Views on EPCOT Center, another litmus test to determine if they've been to EPCOT Center (again, based on experience or interest)
  • Views on the Future World pavilions, and how you would rank them (based on your experience).
  • Views on the Wonders of Life Pavilion (the focus for the survey), how you'd rank them, as well as what would you do to improve the pavilion as a whole (including attractions)
  • Imagineering ideas if the Wonders of Life pavilion were to come back
  • What you'd think of the Wonders of Life after taking the survey
It's actually a mouthful, but the reason why I'm asking for all this information is, probably, to cater for those outside the fanbase, or perhaps delving into their memory banks. But otherwise, anyone with fond memories, or a strong interest, in any of the parks (including EPCOT and its history) can participate in the survey. Of course, there are some questions where you don't have to give out an answer straight away if you're speechless or indecisive... just leave either a blank or an 'X' and move on to the next question.

As you'd expect, it's my first time constructing a survey (and a colossal one as well!!!) so if you have any queries or improvements (what can be improved to create a much better survey, and hopefully shorter one) please shout to me in the comments box BELOW.

So without further ado, it's either this link, or the 'What's Next for WoL' survey in the links column on the left to get started! Let's go!

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