Friday, November 11, 2011

From Japan with... Guts... Flashy Guts...

Onto now, our journey into the most interesting parts of the internet, whether it's from home grown fanart and in-joke humor, to occasionally our circle of weirdness outside our realm. Especially if it's one that sparks the interest (as long as nobody gets ideas from them!)

For some apparent reason, there's nothing like an educational song-and-dance (no, literally!) with regards to the one focus on human anatomy that gets the kids giggling. The digestive process. I'm sure most of you have been through enough science class to know exactly what's going on through there, from the dinner table to, uhm... no, no... you know what, maybe if I just...

Okay. Moving on. Now, most of you have heard of songs that teach kids about the digestive tract, but as far as finds are concerned, here's one found from Japan, which you can view after the beep!

 And now, The Digestion Song - pronounced as Shouka no Uta (しょうかのうた)

And an extended version of the video, this time, on a smaller screen, and graphically explaining the process. TMI warning!

Just in case you have no idea of what they're saying, here's the vocabulary list as shown below:

What's heard in JapaneseWhat it means
Kuchi Mouth
musha mushaムシャムシャ munching, nomnom
Shokudō食道 Oesophagus
dosha doshaドシャドシャ falling, thud-thud-thud!
I (ee) Stomach
doro doroドロドロ muddy, slop-slop-slop
Shōchō小腸 Small intestine
chūチュ sucking things (like through a straw)
Daichō大腸 Large intestine
Zuzuズズ sipping (as in water)

And with a sense of decency, we better skip the last word. Oh wait. Too late, the second video has already been there. We all know what just happens in the end, and well, here's a brutally-honest eye-cleanser (make that an unfortunate event about to happen. Uh-oh...)

And now we return to normal transmission...

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