Monday, July 25, 2011

Potential WOL Ressurection Ideas, part 2

Welcome back, readers. Now most of you may have read the last potential article that would aid in putting together the pavilion, as mentioned in the previous article. Just when you thought it was safe to slow down after a few opportunities to discuss, here below is the next section in the Imagineering section of the blog, again, served in bite sized morsels...

1. Pavilion Exterior and Interior

b. Ambience Playlist

In our last post, we described what we could physically do to the exterior/interior of the pavilion in order to bring it to the 21st Century (give or take). Of course, we could go one step further and consider looking back at the playlist that was situated for the Wonders of Life pavilion. Sure, some Ray Lynch or David Lanz every once in a while is good, and of course it could bring back memories... but my intentions for building the playlist might be to consider a few new additions (and if possible, a few subtractions.)

So far, we have the existing playlist, and the list of tracks played, in no particular order:

#    Artist                     Title      #       Artist               Title
1.CheckfieldSummer Shuffle9.Doug WoodHide and Seek
2.David BenoitWild Kids10.CheckfieldSundial
3.David LanzBehind the Waterfall11.Ray LynchThe Oh of Pleasure
4.Vic SepanskiBiomass (Heartbeat)12.Doug WoodLeapfrog
5.CheckfieldGrasslands13.CheckfieldCarousel (Day in the Park)
6.YanniForgotten Yesterdays14.YanniThrough the Looking Glass
7.Ray LynchCelestial Soda Pop15.IcarusHelge/Shroeder
8.Cirque du SoleilOuverture (1989 v)

What I noticed is that at this point in time, most of the songs are almost hard to get, and for some reason, extremely rare. Most of the tracks from Checkfield, for instance, are on albums now out of print and to gain access to them takes a lot of travelling distance and website searching... and a whole lot of sweat and worries. But finding some of the tracks, simply after loads of research, went much more better than expected.

Of course, it's no longer 1989 anymore. Most of the track we have now don't really fit in today's day and age... but however, what we might do is consider picking out a few tracks from the playlist - regards to memories of the pavilion, and get them remastered. So that leaves only a few tracks from the list, love it or leave it...
  • Checkfield - Carousel (Day in the Park) 
  • Yanni - Through the Looking Glass, Forgotten Yesterdays
  • David Lanz - Behind the Waterfall

Another notable track loop that could work for the next version of the pavilion, might be snippets from the older Innoventions loop from the early 90's (the plus-50 minute running one)- particularly bits and pieces that are serene and ethereal to the human ear. So perhaps, snippets of the older Innoventions loop might work well for the next generation loop... though between you and me, the Innoventions loop appears to be a little dated and perhaps to incorporate its existing snippets into the loop might take some reorchestration.

But now, another possible addition to the new loop would have to be (sorry, readers!) in the form of compositions from Thomas Newman. Of course, only three or four tracks from the WALL-E album I have decided to select, to be fair:

72 Degrees and SunnyAll that Love's About
Bubble WrapDefine Dancing

    I'll stop before anyone gets cheesed off further...
    But anywho, I have also found another potential addition to add to the pavilion playlist, and it's under artist name Tycho. Songs such as Cascade and Costal Brake I have found quite ethereal and pretty much future focused for some reason, so I might consider including them here, for you to see what you think:

    CascadeCoastal Brake

    But this is just one of those possible additions or edits I might do to the ambient loop. However, what might happen in between two to three tracks of the loop, a PA system might come on, informing of what attractions are open, as well as its session times. But of course, you fellow readers might like to add some suggestions in what to include in the playlist. So, until then, stay tuned for the next installment!

    Readers, if you have any enquiries on this part of the re-imagineering project (UNOFFICIAL, to emphasise), please feel free to leave comments to this blog post (anonymous comments accepted)... or if you have a WDWMAGIC forum account, send me a private message.

    NOTE: This blog entry subject to change once all sketches and photo-jobs are put together.

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