Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Footsteps - Medical Inflatables

 Another faithful welcome back, and with another Footsteps article with regards to some of the most interesting, yet similar exhibits that some of us might enjoy, that is if you enjoyed Wonders of Life. Of course, while we covered some interesting and state of the art external exhibits beyond Epcot's borders, there is a class of external exhibits in which they are considered visually unusual at first glance (well, to the point they might qualify for a What the WT- article), but on closer inspection, this kind of exhibit has already developed a large traveling footprint, and it is successful in both message and visitor attraction.
As found in the Mega Heart official page (http://www.medicalinflatables.com/MEGAHeart.aspx)

Believe it or not, this article is covering a unique travelling exhibit - it is a group of inflatable models of the human body, under the name MEGA. These inflatables are designed to present the many areas of the human body or organ in an exploratory manner, both to exhibit their roles and functions, and deliver awareness of the many diseases associated with the organ itself. These inflatable model exhibits are often rented out for venues, ranging from school incursion visits, through to charity awareness events (heart disease organisations , and some are even hired for parties.

To date, there are four inflatable exhibits currently functioning are the heart, the lungs, the brain and even a stylised representation of a human body (the whole set, including the digestive tract). The advantages of such inflatables would be their portability, where one inflatable model (plus the necessary air) would take one mode of transport, as compared to other exhibits designed for migration with multiple museums requiring more, and requiring part assembly on arrival. With regards to their complexity, the inflatable models have been regularly maintained to ensure they are ready for their next stream of visitors, either for a day or a week.

In their relation to Epcot's Wonders of Life pavilion's exhibits past, there sadly is no equivalent other than Body Wars (far different and more mechanical), but both in comparison highly emphasise the need to explore, but different respectively... while Body Wars tended to run on "scheduled missions" programmed on the rides, the MEGA Inflatables are a 'wander at your own place' type of exhibit, where guests can make their way around the model, even with the option to return to a spot they may have otherwise missed. There is an underlying health message in them too, one that Body Wars only leaned on a touch – showcasing the many diseases and conditions (albeit physical) experienced by the organ in question might help motivate people to manage their health better, even prevent the condition. 

On further thoughts, if Wonders of Life were still around, or if it had any room to spare for temporary exhibits, chances are these inflatables would have stopped by, either for events or promoting the pavilion to crowds on a slow visits day. Somehow, Wonders of Life could have taken advantage of opening a showroom for those not fit enough to travel the LGS-250 B229 probe, and built an equivalent exploratory exhibit (blood vessel gymbaree anyone?) to keep them happy. 

Chances are you might want to look up some more information on the exhibits, or maybe you have opinions with the exhibits of this kind, which you can leave in the comments below. Here is the link to the exhibits in case you are interested in reading more:

Medical Inflatables, 2013. Inflatable Heart | Heart Exhibit | Brain Exhibit [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.medicalinflatables.com/HOME.aspx. [Accessed 19 December 2013].

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Attractions Toolkit - Body Wars

Welcome back to Attractions Toolkit, the section selecting one attraction from the pavilion, and figuring out which parts can be added, subtracted or replaced. But first, there had been a flurry of rumors and updates pertaining to the current state of Body Wars before we begin today's brainstorming. From an anonymous witness, word has it that demolition of the interior may have happened, with the simulator shells removed completely. In an uncanny way, this somewhat freed up some thought possibilities pertaining to how Body Wars would have been updated, or even by now, replaced.