Thursday, December 22, 2011

Epic FAIL Mealtime, and from Armchair Imagineering

Hello again, readers, and almost in time for the holiday season, a little sketch tribute all the way from my fan-art account, showcasing somebody iconic, but one step closer to causing a heap of trouble for the classmates...

Epic FAIL Xmas Meal Time 11 by ~RabidLeroy on deviantART

Of course, after all the fuss and stress over getting everything ready for the holiday season, I'm sure most of you might agree that there is one adversary we end up facing throughout before and after the season - stress. And I'm sure it's beginning to fill the air already. One thing most people worry about during the season is, primarily, trying not to mess with the main meal of the year - the iconic dinner. There is a reason why people tend to stress over the iconic holiday dinner, apart from having to cater to specific dietary needs, and probably using the wrong ingredients to mess up an otherwise perfect dish... it is important to note that the holidaqy season is particularly a very vulnerable time with regards to food poisoning, and it'll definitely leave a mark on the rest of the new year.

In other news, another blog I have recently found also has an alternate take on a rehash on the Wonders of Life pavilion. While the list of attractions is somewhat completely different to mine (obviously, because everyone's entitled to their Imagineering opinions), it's also an interesting alternative take on what else attractions might reoccupy the pavilion next. With regards to sponsors, Armchair Imagineering states the following:
Sponsors and attractions to include:
  • A market for fresh foods by Whole Foods
  • A germ fighting ride sponsored by The US Army & Clorox
  • An ESPN broadcasting area and athlete autograph station
  • Guiness Book of World Records exhibit
  • Interactive “surgery” center sponsored by Atlus video games featuring touch screen operating tables with multiple surgeries to perform. (not for the squeamish!)
  • Disney Sports and Running home base
  • National Geographic presentation about human living all over the world, focusing on culture and extreme living conditions
from Armchair Imagineering article, Wonders of Life

Although the blog entry near concludes that the blog article author is not into health and fitness as I am (which I am alright with), my imagination has literally raised eyebrows with regards to three of the attractions - the germ fighting ride, the interactive 'surgery' lessons and also the human living conditions exhibit. I happily agree with the blog author that these might make great additional exhibits or additions that might change the outlook of Wonders in a much more effective way. You can have a look at what the author's cooked up by the image below, linking to the author's PDF.

The link to the original article is located here.

Surely enough, I can assume that every reader has their different interpretation of what could be done to the Wonders of Life pavilion, but for those who have any throughts that could be of good use, then please feel free to leave a comment.

And please note, that due to the sheer hecticness of the holiday season (in which i might be more active offline), I may be out of action from now until the first week in 2012. But pause for a moment's silence... for most of you, readers, New Year's Day is said to be the very final day that the Wonders of Life pavilion has its doors open for the last of all guests, before its 2006 seasonal period ended forever in 2007. It would be 5 years from that closing date, so for a select few, this might be the most emotional milestone for those revisiting memories from inside the pavilion in its heyday.

I will happily leave now, for the rest of the holiday season, so take care, and here's to a wonderful life, and best wishes in 2012!

Wonders of Life

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