Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another 'Did You Know' Post

Another day spent on surfing the web, as well as checking my DeviantArt group - some wonderful photos to do with the pavilion, as well as some fanart (including a selection of my own) have been posted on the group. There was an interesting surprise, as I had found the link that only a handful of you are aware of...

Photo found on IMDB Article

...ladies and gentlemen, it's Jerry Rees!

You may have known him as the director of iconic films such as TRON, and another obscure classic the Brave Little Toaster, but an interesting fact is that he's the man behind some of Walt Disney World's attractions, love them or leave them... and to make the best of a forgotten classic in EPCOT, Cranium Command (make that the AA theater) is one of them! 

The page in relation to some of the attractions he has directed is found over here. Feel free to browse the site, as well as encounter some more treats, for now and in the future.

Until next time, readers!

PS: What's interesting to see is that of the posts online, this one is primarily the most viewed post anywhere on the blog. Once again, a really big thankyou for the reception, and if you are interested, feel free to have a look at the many different areas of the blog!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New DeviantArt Group OPEN!

Now that the silly season has begun to wind down, I am ready to recommence work on one of the first milestones since the blog's inception somewhere in June. You see, there are only a handful of people who know about the blog at the moment, and given that I am on a social networking site all of my own, I've decided to do something that no other blogger would have done...

The Wonders of Life, Eterna Club and Blog Banner

WOL4EVA has officially opened its first DeviantArt group, and basically, it's the main center for those who have been to the pavilion in its prime.. or maybe not. Here's just a description of what the club is all about:
In October 1989, the Wonders of Life was opened within the grounds of EPCOT Center, with an entertaining yet hopeful emphasis on health and life.
But before 2007, the most captivating pavilion has shut its doors forever.

Hence, this group WOL4EVA, named after the blog "Wonders of Life, Eterna"'s link.

This group is basically the gathering place for fellow deviants bearing strong memories of the EPCOT's Wonders of Life pavilion and its attractions during its prime, as well as those who not just see the potential in reopening the pavilion, but also taking a lot of imagineering work to bring it to the 21st century once more.
However, this club is only open to DeviantArt users only, and mind you, I'm not necessarily the person you'd find on FaceBook or Twitter, unfortunately. But by all means, this club is in its infancy, so if you have a DeviantArt accound, feel free to contact the club administrator here.

And that's not all: here's a music video to celebrate, because after all, readers...

Until next time!