Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Possibility 5: A Greater Race Ahead

Welcome back, readers, and hopefully, an eyecleanser after a dose of weirdness on the blog. In the last possibility post, there is a potential idea that would have given the Fitness Fairgrounds a decent resurrection (had it happened), in one way or another. In order to take the idea to the starting blocks, it is only fair to investigate its history beforehand.

As some of you would have known (or not), Fitness Fairgrounds was a selection of recreational activities to get people involved with the joys of fitness, and investigating their role in health habits. Some of those included the Wonder Cycles, and the demonstrative Coach's Corner, as seen below:

These images found at the LOST EPCOT Wonders of Life Picture Gallery

Of course, the lack of changes given to these features (as time progressed) would have thrown a spanner in the works for the Fitness Fairgrounds. Although the fairgrounds have faced the demolition hammer during the years 2008 and 2009 (primarily to turn the pavilion into a festival center), there is no rule against speculating nor dreaming of what could have been done (or what might be done) to bring the Fitness Fairgrounds back into the arena.

One potential feature that would prove useful to 'getcha head in the game' (former commonplace catchphrase reference anyone?) would be an interactive jogging track. Almost immediately, on further inspection of the floorplan, you might have noticed that a plausible (yet complicated) option to add more features is, likely, to extend the pavilion one floor downwards (think of this as the second floor in the Land pavilion).

For instance, the video below is an advertising installation for running shoes. Basically, it is an interactive screen that doubled as a countdown counter before the virtual contender takes off. Basically, this installation gives participants an opportunity to 'run with Ryan'...

For some reason, it would be an interesting feature to have a jogging track as part of a possible future reincarnation of the Fitness Fairgrounds (or something else willing to fill and expand in this sort of niche). One possible add on or feature of the interactive jogging track would, if you were to enter my head, the track won't just limit guests to racing professional sprinters. With permissible thinking, guests could even pit themselves against even the fastest of the animal kingdom (eg. a racehorse, a police dog, even a cheetah).

Again, the advantages of the jogging track is apart from it being an opportunitively competitive activity to do between shows or ride sessions, it could be an activity for anyone of all ages to enjoy. Just think, a parent could even get to race their son or daughter alongside their athletic hero. Or even a furry one from the African savannah. 

Believe it or not, the idea of an interactive jogging track is not necessarily new, especially if you look at it with other science museums (give or take a few with regards to your experiences). Now, I must confess that this blog is founded in Australia (really big eye opener!) but big ideas (and even influences) know no distances. From another video below, which was strangely what inspired me to put forth these suggestions, is a home-movie from a science museum in my area.

Basically, the SportsWorks exhibit in the science museum demonstrates the science behind the many aspects of sports and fitness. Again, there is the interactive jogging track, plus there are also some physical endurance tests for guests to interact with. And I don't say things like that, but I know from personal experience (besides, I have visited this museum exhibit somewhere in 2002 and 2007, and apparently have strong photographic memories on some of the hands-on exhibits.)

So if you look at what's in my head, the possible activities in the Fitness Fairgrounds could be a set of physical endurance tests, the interactive jogging track, and if permissible, an updated new set of Wonder Cycles and probably an update of the Coach's Corner testing booth. But still, your opinion may vary.

Also, in other news, the video below is from a technological fair, in which the small spark of three dimensional hologram technology is on display. It's a set of lasers flickering at high speed to produce a three dimensional images of an image. A potential application, so you would think, would be that hologram technology would be used for billboards, but I can see a more virtually 'life-like' application to the technology. If hologram projection technology has improved, then it could give a new meaning to 'race towards the future'.

Now before we take a cool down after this post, it seems only fair to ask a comment-question-of-the-post. And for this question, I ask you:
"If you were to race against someone on the jogging track, who (or what) would it be, why, and whom do you think will win?" 
Simply leave your response in the comments section after the post.

And also, at this time, 11 people have taken the English-language survey of the What's Next for WoL survey, with two new languages released - in French and Spanish. More translations of the surveys will be in store soon, to cater for a growing blogger-base. If you haven't sent in your views yet, then now would be the time to do so. And especially in time for the holiday season. So, until next time, readers!

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