Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In Bed with Imagination, Currently Ill

Massive yawn at this hour, and after a rollercoaster of uncertainty for this blog, there is a rumor going hot off the press about the Wonders of Life's right brained ally (yes, I meant ally in a sense), the Journey into Imagination pavilion. Of course, you may wonder why a Wonders of Life centered blog is writing about the Journey into Imagination pavilion, but out of respect, there are a lot of issues at stake in which I will provide one of Epcyclopedia's articles explaining what's to come.
Apparently, the renovation job is not due until somewhere in 2014, but already, there is a discussion in both sides pertaining to the fate of the pavilion; it is asking a whole lot of questions altogether - what should go into its place? Who should run the show? Is Figment coming back? Dreamfinder? Unfortunately, no answers are revealed at this point, but there is another question that is bugging us too: will it end up being abandoned?
As scary as it may sound, some pavilions and locations within Epcot have actually been abandoned for many reasons - sponsor walking out, maintenance problems or just too few to stop by - and to have Wonders of Life (as a pavilion in this case) hanging in the balance between closure and its status as a festival center apparently stuffs the situation right into its seams.
While things may as well yet to be finalised on what will take the place of Imagination later on (to the Imagineering department, we hear you! Good luck!), there is likely a different story pertaining to the Wonders of Life pavilion. While it is too soon to speculate, there is a reason why the Wonders of Life Eterna blog exists in response to events like this. It is in inspiration of the various memories held by many guests who have actually been into the pavilion - young and old - and it is in the interest of these people, no matter how variable they are, who would be interested in
If you are brave enough to look back, it is quite interesting to figure out how many possibilities (even from my own thoughts, as well as the thoughts of others) exist if the pavilion were to actually come back. However, the only (and likely, futile) way would be to put the pressure on management to finally look into brainstorming different ways to treat an ailing patient in Future World East. And, yes, I meant that as an architectural metaphor.
On a different side, for some odd reason, one of the servers for the informational site appear to be down, so the most likely thing to do is open up a mirror site to serve as a backup operator in case. However, some interactive components are building up offline, especially the pavilion articles and the interactive map. (Did you hear that? An interactive map!) So hopefully, as soon as the site situation is rectified, then expect the site to return with these wonderful features.
So until next time, if you have any possible thoughts on whether management (whether they are done with the Imagination refurbishment or not) should focus on Wonders of Life, feel free to leave a comment (it's always moderated), or even feel free to share the petition, or complete the survey online, or even view the results corresponding to the pavilion. I'm all ears!