Thursday, January 5, 2012

Potential WOL Resurrection Ideas, part 5

To the readers staving off their post-holiday blues, here I am again, ready to delve into some more possibilities for bringing back Wonders to a whole new generation. I'm sure you've cried off the tears (or hopefully some steam) with regards to your views on things the way they were. Since the last update, here's the list of things that you may have missed prior to the last update:
  1. The Interior (Design, Structure at a Glance)
  2. Music Playlist
  3. Floorplan, Attraction Categories
  4. Colour and Design Schemes 

Now, to start the new year, we might as well suck in that gut and hit two little issues with the same stress ball in one throw...and trust me, they're a lot more controversial than you would think.