Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Not Pin Season, Is It?

...probably not, readers. Surprisingly, something as small as the humble Disney pin has expanded to a diverse hobby shared by enthusiasts the world over. And what's more, the best part of pin trading and collecting is the prospect of getting some particularly rare ones. Pins that have never been noticed by the public. And especially a few of them that a humble few would wish to have by now.

of course, there's not a lot of pins or buttons that have been sighted by people just bustling in and out of WoL in its heydays, but little by little, people have taken an interest in these pins. For example, the pavilion insignia as it was on EPCOT Center's 15th anniversary/birthday (give or take). Although retired from mainstream distribution, it's readily available over on eBay by pin traders, but alas, lack of decision skills lead to burning your wallet.
The WoL Insignia as part of EPCOT Center's 15th anniversary

On a different subject, there are also pins that reflect sponsorship of the pavilion at the time. In this case, MetLife has been featured on at least two pins in regards to the Wonders of Life pavilion - including the obvious smaller sign mentioning it from the late 1990's until 2001.

The MetLife Corporate Pin
The newer WoL sign mentioning MetLife

Also, there are pins that gave you a good idea of some of the pavilion's most iconic attractions, big or small. And what's the most well known attraction with the only pin and badge ever in existence? You guessed it...
...because what better way than after a motion-sickness inducing voyage through the heart and lungs than to show it off with a pin or button. The one on the left features the B229 body probe through the blood vessel, floating along with its red blood cell brethren.

Of course, between me and you, the reader, the only attraction that hasn't got a pin at this stage is, sadly, Cranium Command. For some reason, poor Buzzy hasn't got a lot of recognition lately in regards to the pin world... or has he? I'm half suspecting that someone out there might have a potential pin or button or whatever that is hiding somewhere. But otherwise, there might be some possibilities of how a pin might be released for fellow enthusiasts of the long gone attraction... perhaps a replica military medallion with the attraction insignia? Sounds fitting...

Of course, if the Wonders of life were to have new and updated pins as a token of memory, then perhaps starting with the design of those pins, it could happen. So readers, if you were to design a pin as a memorial for Wonders of Life (and some of its attractions), how would you do it? What would it feature? Simply leave a comment in the comments section, and I'll be happy to have a look.

Until next time, readers!

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