Sunday, December 11, 2011

To the Google+ Users...

Recently, thanks to a lot of thought and convincing, I have finally decided to give WOL4EVA a fanpage for Google+ users. You may have noticed the G+ icon on the top-left corner of the site below the banner, and it'll take you to that fanpage there. While the intention of this fanpage is to bring in more visitors (groan, well overdone) it's also an opportunity for you all to discuss the content as well as memories, even photos and little anecdotes pertaining to memories of the pavilion.

For those who have a Google+, the link to the fanpage is located here. For the rest who don't have one primarily, don't worry. It's still business as usual for WOL4EVA, documenting the possibilities, Imagineering simulations and even a few bits of interesting things from time to time.

Until then, we now return to normal transmission...

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