Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Microscopic Organisms and Short Circuits...

Welcome back, readers, and in this issue of What the 'WT-'? on our blog, here's a snazzy image from a Google+ page which showcases what Body Wars once documented on the 5 minute ride:

What you're looking at is actual footage, taken from a blood sample in a petri dish. According to the image above, the round objects are the red blood cells, the black dotty objects are bacteria and the shape-shifting object going through them is a white blood cell. Sure, some of you may have seen this in biology class, but I have decided to bring this up to the attention of everyone else here.

In the spirit of this blog, if anyone is familiar with the Cranium Command universe, it's basically reimagines our brains as a pilotable vehicle, to typically manoeuvre it through an entire day without overstressing it. Well, in the words of General Knowledge indeed. Of course, I understand the sensitivities between the genders are still raised hackles to some people, but apparently, if the battle of the sexes were literally cut-throat, it won't be literally hard to imagine the control panels as these:

Which was probably an interesting hypothesis in why they chose Buzzy to pilot a 12 year old boy, as it seemed easier, if the above image was true. For those who are familiar with Cranium Command, then spoiler alert... it doesn't go exactly as planned.

And that's it for now for What the 'WT-'? on WOL4EVA. If you have found anything interesting fitting in the category of health and biology related things (that for some uncanny reason might remind you of the good old days in WoL), don't forget to let me know by leaving a comment after this entry, or on Google+.

Until next time, readers!

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