Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing Footsteps

Fellow blog readers, welcome to the very first post in the Footsteps series of this blog. Basically, what the Footsteps section is designed to do is to investigate the external exhibits outside WoL's borders (and then even outside the Disney World territory) that by comparative standards, would have taken a leaf from the book and filled the void of an otherwise forgotten aspect of the future. Of course, I am not going to accuse whoever's doing them of blatantly ripping off or 'stalking' the pavilion (no, no, no), but to basically introduce you to some other exhibits, serving as companions to the other exhibits, and basically to allow you to evaluate them.

To start off with, I'm basically going to start you off with something... first of all, I'll be writing about a similar-niche museum, situated in an exhibit in my country and nearest city. As I may recall, you can safely assume my family doesn't have the advantage to go on an overseas holiday, let alone Disney World in its prime. Now, I understand that while the educational side of EPCOT Center was what made it stand out, it just did not go well with some vacationers (the kind who doesn't like learning new things on holiday. Zzzzz...) And hence it changed to cater to new generations, almost to the expense of the educational aspects (well, at least according to the early EPCOT veterans).

For some reason, the rise of 'edutainment' with regards to exhibits designed to entertain is not necessarily confined to Mouse territory. Across science museums across the country, there are already museum exhibits designed to entertain and educate their patrons. A little like following in the footsteps of, yes, EPCOT Center. Therefore, this section of the blog would contain a few written articles on a selection of science museum exhibits, which for some reason, may have followed this principle to a new level. Of course, had the Wonders of Life pavilion chose to follow in their footsteps in a bid to cater to a changing audience (yet still retain the charm), then we would not have lost it in the first place.

And hence this new section of the blog. I have my selections of exhibits that could have currently filled in the niche of what Wonders have left behind in its disappearance, but if you have any other exhibit (well, fitting into this category) that you've currently been into, and which you would like me to write about, then feel free to write a comment after the blog post.

Until next time, readers!

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