Friday, December 24, 2010

"From All Of Us... To All Of You...

... a Very Merry Christmas!"
- Jimny Cricket

Yes, being the FanArtist I am, I have decided to compose an optimistic yet interesting scenario pertaining to poor obscurely-forgotten Buzzy... and what would happen if he ever set foot out of the pavilion this holiday season.

In this scenario, I've chosen Stitch, the now commonplace-present blue furred alien experiment furball, to be in charge of gift-giving to the Commando (now in charge of guarding the deserted pavillion-now-convention-center). Of course, Buzzy's training since 1989 hasn't prepared him for this situation... so what would Buzzy do?

Anyways, for those young and all, have a wonderful, healthy and happy holiday season, and here's to a safe and happy new year!

Until next time!

PS: And for those who think Stitch would make a great recruit for the Cranium Commandos, think again! Hiring an alien experiment would may as well result in... uhm... *ahem* It won't be pretty.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buzzy's final salute? Or next mission?

So far, you would have expected the blog to gather any dust and cobwebs without any fresh posts... well, ironically like the props and signage once present for the Wonders of Life pavilion, currently locked away out of public eye, never to be seen again. 

So the other day prior to this post, I decided to search for some random things on eBay (for example, god forbid, Stitch merchandise sold in Japan thanks to the booming anime stardom and reception amongst Japanese adorers), and that fateful moment, I decided to figure out what was selling under "wonders of life epcot", or "cranium command"...

...guess what? The latter actually revealed a goldmine! A user, who we'll refer to as 'sellandship' specialises in goods from the Magic Kingdom, as well as EPCOT. I was quick to take a screenshot image, as well as the product details, and if you're interested in saving a piece of WOL history, it links to the actual eBay page:

So, in the instances of six-feet-under attractions (remember Horizons, please), some of the props and models (the model 'mulapples' and 'flavor grapes', if you quite recall) actually get sold to interested collectors. Of course, many opportunities to grab the slice of that pie have come and gone, but for those looking forward to put aside a spare room as a personal shrine to what once was the Wonders of Life, get your wallets ready.

Of course, I have stumbled across a few forum posts determining Buzzy's current fate. One, which would have been dated recently, was found at Subsonic Radio, under the title "Wonders of Life Memories UPDATE - Buzzy Lives!", with the money shots at page 2 of the forum topic. However, because of the legal boundaries dedicated 'spelunkers' have crossed to get a monitoring glimpse of what once was Buzzy's demonstration arena, I suggest you visit the link at your own risk.

Speaking of which, there's another blog post of the 'Then and Now' of EPCOT Center between the past and the present, showing the changes done to each pavilion, as well as what's become of the now-forgoten brain-pilot-recruit, alone and lonely, and sadly a little worse for wear. :c

Of course, even though there's nothing the majority of us can do about poor Buzzy since his final salute in 2006, all I can say is that rather than being destined for a six-foot-burial-plot, perhaps Buzzy would likely be sold off to a good home. Or perhaps restored and retained in a museum, for the next generation to find out what a great recruit Buzzy was.

1989 - 2007. We miss you.

PS: Of course, the news is hopefully not all bad... perhaps, Buzzy could have a second chance at one point or another. Given that the Wonders of Life is slowly being turned into a general purpose convention center (for the "Food and Wine", as well as the "Flower and Garden" festivals respectively), there could be one more convention event that could hopefuly bring the Wonders of Life back on its feet...

...although not intended to be a park-wide festival, perhaps the 'Health and Life' convention could be adopted. Not only would there be potential for the rides to be restored, or perhaps updated to today's standards, then maybe the convention space could invite another health-exhibit for others to enjoy. And just like the 'Making of the Flower and Garden festival' and 'Seasons of the Vine' films have played in there, perhaps there could be a 'Health Film Festival'. But of course, not everyone would appreciate the idea. So, if the Wonders of Life pavilion were to be revived one way or another, what do you think could be done?

Until the next post, I wish you all the best this holiday season! :3