Friday, June 29, 2012

Double Milestone Post!

Sorry for the late blog post in breaking news, but there is something particularly controversial with regards to US politics. For those who were tied to the SCOTUS mandate on the Healthcare reform, I'm sure it's got some mixed opinions, but given that this blog focuses on EPCOT's take on health and life in a rather successful way how, I'm going to present to you a rather interesting tweet in reference to this milestone:
"Dr. Lair's study of inflammatory neutrophils via Body Probe will now be government funded."
EPCOTExplorer (also found here)
Words of wisdom! But it could be sadly unlikely, since the Body Wars attraction, thanks to witness reports (give or take) have had their probes shelled out or dismantled for parts, as well as the unlikelihood of finding another sponsor to 'revert or refurb' the pavilion. So let's never forget that the Wonders of Life once did an excellent service in educating the guests on health and life, and entertaining them well. Oh wait...

As I am writing this, WOL4EVA celebrates its second birthday! Yay! And a lot of things have happened with regards to the blog, some statistics after the jump.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

To the readers opposing the blue-furred smothering of WOL4EVA...

...we apologise.
But yes, come to think of it, it's not every day that our now famous (and for some, notorious) blue furred extraterrestrial has turned 10 wonderful years on this planet (since his first movie enthralled audiences and warmed hearts back in 2002), I guess it's only safe to allocate this week to pick out the (fortunately few!) highlights attempting to make use of Stitch (after all, his first theme park attraction, Stitch's Great Escape did not really do him justice since he came on the scene and bumped Alien ExtraTerrorestrial in November 2004).

Yes, love him or loathe him, Stitch is definitely mischievous, cheeky and annoying at times, but be blessed, he's loveable, and right now he has a fanbase spanning worldwide (well, give or take a few large fanbase concentrations in the US and Japan). No shame, however, with the author actually familiar with such a blue furred celebrity, and being one of many, many, Stitch appreciators and fans celebrating this anniversary. Or maybe there's opportunity for merchandise. Some of us do not know. But it's happening.

Anywho, some articles of interest that touched on Stitch in the previous two years...
Also, end of June marks the 2nd birthday of the WOL4EVA blog, but unfortunately, since this is purely an online awareness mission, we don't really have cake. But don't fret, because but here's an apt dessert for the anatomical appreciator in all of us for make up for it. Enjoy!

These beauties can be found over on  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Newest Addition to Well and Goodes, Using its Head!

After some time online using the search function, it seems there is another find for Well and Goods, and likely another developmental stepping stone piecing together the historical aspects of Wonders of Life's most adored attraction (by statistical standards). 

As found on this eBay listing for the Cranium Commando CM Hat

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gutless Wonder, no joke!

Now outside of Wonders of Life's borders, there is word that in the world of kinesetic learning of human physiology, there's the typical 'how long are your guts worth', in which there's a human model with an actual handle attached, and you have to pull all the way backwards to unwind the cord, to simulate the length of the human digestive tract. However, an anonymously spotted take from a Finnish exhibit takes it to an insane level...

As seen on Cheezburger's School of FAIL
I mean, how insane can it get? The expression on the model's face is priceless, even if the exploration of guts takes a rather...TMI reminiscent route. Even the colour selected for the simulated guts kind of smells entirely different altogether. XC