Monday, August 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes Treasure Trove

Welcome back readers, and this time with a couple of interesting images never seen before in regards to the Wonders of Life pavilion, thanks to a software application I have managed to get ahold of to my surprise.

Now most of you may have been familiar with the WDW Explorer, and basically, it was a CD ROM explorer activity that gave you some interesting information about Walt Disney World in Florida, and some of its iconic attractions and resort places that now lie with some of us in memory. Of course, only two editions of the CD ROM application were present (only notable difference is the absence of Animal Kingdom in the first edit), and as soon as the Internet became a popular research tool for the next holiday in WDW, plans for a third edition were discontinued.

Now most of you know that to date, the Wonders of Life pavilion has had the same fate of being shuttered (and buried) since 2007. For research reasons, here are a few photos in regards to the behind-the-scenes of some iconic attractions. it's a case of (in memespeak) 'pics or it didn't happen':
Behind the scenes at the Cranium Command theater. The stage has been finally constructed, and if you look closely, a shadow of the Buzzy AA, wearing the cap, can be seen on one of Bobby's eyes. This was taken during programming of the show controls and the AAs involved.
A behind the scenes photo of Elizabeth Shue (playing as Dr. Cynthia Lair) getting to grips with the giant splinter for the Body Wars film component.
Of course, for those who are curious of the construction of the Wonders of Life building will be surprised to discover, in the first picture, a tall spindly tower like structure designed to hold up the framework of the golden dome structure. As soon as the triangular joins of the dome were put together, the spindly tower was taken apart before moving on to build the interior.

Top: Putting together the dome structure.
Middle: Attaching the gold plated panels on the dome structure. Note the excavators inside the dome.
Bottom: The finalised pavilion, before installation of the archway

There you have it, a few shots regards to the Wonders of Life beginning to take shape. Of course, obviously, I do recall finding a photo of the Wonders of Life inside structures being built (the open theaters to house Goofy About Health and the Anacomical Players Arena), but it'll take forever to go through the archives to go find it. Oh well, back to delving

Also, I have heard word of, according to conversational sources, about the pavilion's main gift shop (Well and Goods) selling pavilion specific shirts (example, Cranium Command). So far, it's practically rare to find photographic evidence of those shirts, so for those viewing the blog and having a garment like that in particular, or any similar WoL specific merchandise from the pavilion's humble beginnings that you can recall having, then feel free to give me a shout.

And also, I have released a new set of wallpapers, this time, in daylight edition, just in time for the Southern Hemisphere Spring cycle. Hope you enjoy the new look, readers, and until next time!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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Wordle: Wonders of Life, EPCOT 1989

...this word cloud, made over at Wordle. I have gathered lots of iconic names of the attractions, and a handful of stars who made it possible.

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