Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Massive Yawn at this Hour...

I'm going to apologise for the long long delay in blog posting due to numerous circumstances beyond blogmaster control, such as a record dip in inspiration levels and other holiday priorities. However, some work was done offline to ensure that Wonders of Life Eterna won't be neglected, especially after holiday break; hopefully, some refinements will be completed and posted for most to see. Due to the abnormally long date distance between the holiday season and the date of this short notice posting, but since then, here's some food for thought.
Flash back to when Habit Heroes was opened last year in February 2012, but ironically called foul for misinterpretation of the health message (such as the assumption of the exterior being an indicator of health), at that time, WOL4EVA wrote a breaking news article, included an opportunity letter (while others write about body image, WOL4EVA wrote giving awareness to Wonders of Life's message) and provided some food for thought in case something was left behind. (Yup, definitely left behind.)
Nowadays, there is word that Habit Heroes may have been fully retooled (see notes from an investigator giving a teaser summary – spoiler alert, actual attraction subject to change), and for some reason, it sounds like what Wonders of Life would have deserved, fully deserved, to potentially have brought it back to life (well, a little too late for that now. *sniff*) But only time will tell how the public will react.
And that is probably all that this short announcement will have in offer for now. Stand back for more updates to kick off the new year, and here's hoping you enjoyed the holiday season, and the head start of this happy new year!