Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from Wonder of Life Eterna, 2013

Welcome back again, readers, and there are some wonderful things going on this holiday season as we speak. Families are uniting, even worlds apart, to cherish every moment the season has to offer, and some have taken the liberty to enhance its magical appeal at... where else, Walt Disney World, packed with people taking the holidays to the next level.

Of course, you didn't stop to think that the end of 2006 was the final holiday season the Wonders of Life pavilion opened to guests, and it was a short holiday treat for those who stopped by as a kid – a lot like stepping into a time capsule of memories we may never see again. New Year's Day in 2007 confirmed it, a quiet reminder that due to tough times, life and health ended up a vulnerable target.

But not so. 2013 proved a great year for medical innovations and findings, even retweeted on @WOL4EVA_Rios to hopefully share them, and even the legacy and influence of the Wonders of Life lingers without anyone's knowledge. Remember when Habit Heroes reopened, despite mixed reviews, with a more sensitive and humane approach to health habits, and enthralled guests, even gaining the endorsement of Iron Man.

Alas, as the year closes, Wonders of Life Eterna looks forward to another year of joy, good health, resilience and opportunities to move forward. However, if Wonders of Life Eterna can admit, it's not possible to do it alone, and what a great turnout of support it has attracted. From discussion opportunities through to brainstorming, there will be opportunities to discuss, and even if the group is brave enough, to get Epcot to put Life and Health back on the table, healing the wound left behind on New Years Day 2007.

Many thanks to all the readers who stopped by this blog, as well as the informational site, and if there are some good people out there with the liberty of sharing memories of the pavilion, thankyou and keep the memories alive :)

Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Running On Dry

Apologies for the long absence, as right now most of my ideas banks have run dry, and all in the middle of the holiday season. Many would think the blog may be a step closer to shutting down or gathering dust, just like the pavilion (don't worry, it won't.) But there is hope, and there will be a snowstorm coming for this blog, in a festive turn of events.

A little since Thanksgiving, I have been developing an advent calendar accessible from the informational website... yes, I hear your groans, but there are me some thoughts on how the Wonders of Life pavilion would have celebrated the holidays, especially now in this day and age (just remember, it's all speculative, but you'll see.)

Each advent entry contains a little description of a holiday activity or issue, as well as a thought on how Wonders of Life would tackle such, as well as an advent badge icon.

On a functional note, there may be some bugs on the advent page, so if there are some, let me know, but I'll be constantly checking and tweaking it for your enjoyment, and hopefully I'll start work on each advent. Spoiler alert, to date, four consecutive adverts are done, and I'll try my best to keep up with them, so as not to leave you with nothing in your stockings.

And we return to normal programming in three, two...