Thursday, June 23, 2011

For all you fellow WOLnuts out there

Here's a cute little badge, for those who like lame puns but still can't help to declare remembrance of a successful pavilion in its heyday:
Okay. So not everyone likes lame puns. But I actually like it, given that it's a quick photoshop job I have put together. Most of the pav. exterior elements I put together were done in Illustrator, and then after finding a walnut photo, I photoshopped it together.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,  on with the segment...

First up, while I was on a photo search in regards to my research for my pavilion, I have come across an interesting photo of, well, a lone corridor somewhere in the Body Wars probe loading area. This one is 'staff only' - and because it's in the style of a MET testing lab facility, it's meant to be a staff area for maintenance of the B229 probes. Well, although I do not condone spelunking or trespassing into property to gather any shots for all manner of reasons (besides, the photo was taken a long time ago before the pavilion gave up the ghost), all that I can say is that there are many people out there who have a twisted sense of humor. For those people out there reading this...

...uh uh. Don't take it as an instruction.

Next on the list is actually a photoshop job I put together, from nothing more than scraps of photos, as well as images from the inside of my head. What you didn't know is that this job was done a a little earlier, probably in memoriam of our beloved Cranium Commando... Of course, for the very few fascinated by the concept of rapture events (people disappearing for no reason at all), well...
...I wonder what would General Knowledge say after this?

Okay, rest assured that if he were looking at this right now over my shoulder, I might like to let him know that YES, the whole thing is photoshopped.This will save the amound of worrying over one recruit going AWOL without his, well, knowledge. As mentioned, I've scoured the net for images of typical Commando attire (the hat, boots and even the aviator's jacket) and after finding a convincing interior photo of the WOL pavilion, I got right to work placing the objects, even adjusting the shadows and even enhancing the colours to make it look like the loss of our iconic brain pilot a litle convincing. Okay, so it's a little amateur-ish by the looks of things, but I guess this is what I tried to convey in regards to poor Buzzy.

Now to resume transmission of potential Imagineering plans... please stand by, readers!

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