Thursday, January 3, 2019

Unprecedented Disppearance Alert...

A lot has happened since the last post, and the last update of the Wonders of Life pavilion as of now. When word of the pavilion being the center of a Marvel-centered attraction during renovations in Future World East, Epcot Center, things on the blog happened to slow down, meaning the dream of life and health fully returning to the park ias slowed down to a crawl. And a crawl it did. But it is through several unprecedented events that something has happened to one attraction, almost destined to be preserved and archived, but a second too late.
Most of you may have read the articles on this site, especially one from Possibilities Article 8 and especially the Battle of the Cortexes speciation of the long lost Captain Cortex. Most of you have wondered where oh where Captain Buzzy would be by now. But alas, something happened in August, and it has been brought to the attention of an ally, now filling my shoes for the time being...
Honorable Twitter broadcaster, to which I can gladly disclose as WoLFanbase for bring the news, has also managed to bring attention to the rescue of Captain Buzzy, mentioned to be stolen from the pavilion and, if recent developments have happened, had all his clothes sold from him on the black market. Police are currently searching leads, but believe it or not, it’s through the hashtag #FindBuzzy that has gotten the issue to each and everyone as humanly possible. And having started this blog since April of 2010 as approximate as possible, with the intention to research and publicly hypothesise how the pavilion should have been fixed, well, it’s the biggest issue since the fiasco for Habit Heroes 1.0 blew up the blog back in February 2012.
And I bid everyone to keep their eyes peeled, to be on alert, and to keep pressing on for the day that Buzzy is rescued, or at least reconstructed and restored, to be safe in the arms of the Archives once more.

Many blessings.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

These Are Trying Times...

An awful long absence has been broken, and in these trying times, we are shocked to see what is becoming of the US under a new notorious president. Science and human rights have been threatened. History has taken a back seat to potential repetition. And adding to the start of a Second Cold War, we wonder... will Epcot Center survive the next four years? Will it be able to survive the next eight years?

Hence this is why WOL4EVA is inviting many of our readers to come over and discuss in the comments section

<blockquote>If the President were to have control over Epcot, what exhibits or attractions will he put up? Whats the worst thing that can happen?</blockquote>

While all we can do is speculate, this is what this post is for. In fact, WOL4EVA has decided to open up discussion because the right way is to unite. However, it's best to discuss in civility as always; hate only breeds hell.

So hang in there, all.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Just kidding. No, Wonders of Life Eterna isn't reporting in Rio, as much as I wish I were. But in fact, I'm writing with regards to one particular advertisement posted in the lead up to the most global sporting event of the season. Right now we are listening to many records being broken, and many dreams realised, throughout the course of the Games. And along with the buzz, there is some advertising joy to come along with it.

Alas there is one little consequence I have to warn you before watching this: since the visuals appear very lifelike, anyone nauseous or prone to fainting from wounds: skip the video section. But those who are intrigued by the star organ: the heart, you will be in for a treat.

View on YouTube

But you see, I wondered for a while about how well they did the advertisement, which explained the symbiotic illustration of Visa's payment systems, and the heart of our athletes, being the most reliable system for life. I too wondered just how much effort went into making this advert, which was shown in theatres (oh wait, cinemas) in the British and Previous Kingdom areas (BREXIT! HISSSSSS!), almost five months before the time of the Games, and at the time of writing. Did they use an actual heart and camera to film the heartbeat? How come it looks so... lifelike? (And now that I've now exposed my raw squeamishness to the open, why have I become so soft and shaken by the euphoric chills from the advert that robbed me of such sleep?)

Of course there is a making-of! Judging by the article from Jodi Bares focusing on the advert, it took lots of innovation to render the heart and it's numerous structure inside. In fact, the studio responsible for the heart scenes actually had a medical division: Glassworks is in charge of Heartworks, which boasts the most accurate model of the heart ever in the virtual realm. The rendering was highly detailed, at 12K (about three times the normal 4K cinema resolution), and for all that is good and holy, there is a lot more to the advert as well, especially in the crowd scenes.

This is all I am going to say for now, as soon as I try to regain my bearings. Of course, anyone who would like to write to WOL4EVA is welcome to send a comment expressing interest; whether it's about memories or which exhibits you would like to see in the pavilion, or some other interesting similar exhibits you have found outside Wonders, let me know!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For Orlando...

The events of June 11 in recent days have shocked the city of Orlando, and the whole world in turn. Fourth nine souls have been lost in the terror massacre, and what officials confirm, a hate crime. But if there is one force that can help heal a wound from hurt, it is solidarity. Numerous people, gay or straight and anyone in between, now standing in solidarity for the fourth nine souls taken too soon, even less than a year after same-sex marriage was approved nationwide on June 26th last year.

And as Wonders of Life Eterna knows, solidarity is genetic. Together we will be a step stronger.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Personal Reflection After Absence...

It's been a surprising long time, and the progress of life and health has surprisingly steadied on so much. But you see, there are many things going on that have inadvertently wedged into Wonders of Life Eterna's blogging progress so far. So, consider this to be a 'welcome back' post.

Sure I haven't updated on the Operation: Imagineer sections and Attractions Toolkits as much as I wished to so far. But there is one major aspect of life and health that has brought to my attention, and definitely which will be considered an issue of its own as well.

Come to think of it, in today's day and age, we are bombarded with advertisements and announcements themed on the many aspects of living: the best foods to eat, the right medications, how to exercise and when, what diseases we need to battle against, and so on. Even Wonders of Life Eterna had a blog, still running, titled HELP, dedicated to said announcements as well. But I would like to share you one in particular, that not only shook me to the core... It would too.

And yes, I hid it under the jump, because if it made my skin crawl, it would too. Careful.