Thursday, July 10, 2014


Greetings, yet again, followers. It's a long time between posts, and yes, it's probably because of all the football fever gripping the world yet again this year. The World Cup in Brazil has finally reached centre stage for the Grand Final, but why oh why am I writing on this blog? Let me explain further.

Epcot Center has just taken advantage of the Odyssey restaurant and showplace space (it was formerly a counter service eatery operating at the park's early years, and definitely before Wonders of Life showed up in 1989), to take advantage of the tournament game showings. Of course, there appears to be no hope in having the opportunity to reintroduce the crowds to Buzzy and the road map to the human brain, or let alone anything health and life related in particular. Sigh.

But alas, I'm very happy, despite being practically thousands of miles away, to allow others to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime presence should you want to be in Epcot for the World Cup Grand Final. And the first destination would be to show up on social media. While you may be occupied with the game progress, chances are you may be clouded with memories, and would want to spark the conversation of the pavilion's past somehow. Person-to-person conversations can work too. If you are stuck, try hashtags #WondersOfLife or perhaps even say hi to #wol4eva if you would like to interact or send a message!

If you appear clouded in nostalgia, yet a little bored with the goal drought, how about a social networking game? Simple, with the little hashtag #WOLCup where you can happily discuss how Wonders of Life would have hosted the worldwide soccer tournament (or any sporting tournament) if it were still with us today. You can be frank, or imaginative, or even go crazy if you like.

Or maybe you can happily dress the part (as long as it complies with park regulations, so no fancy stuff here). Perhaps a tshirt playing mention of the pavilion and its attractions (try searching online) could be interesting to wear, and can spark some interesting conversations, particularly with previous visitors of the pavilion and other CMs. Maybe smuggle the famous WOL insignia and pin it conspicuously if you are brave enough to be patriotic about a pavilion gone by. I don't know – go crazy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful soccer season, and I am very happy to hear your ways of sharing your creative ways of keeping the pavilion's memories alive.

And now returning to normal transmission in three, two...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bet You Didn't Know... What's in a Logo?

Welcome back, readers, and my apologies for the inevitably long delay. While the blog focused on the many thoughts and hypotheses on the Wonders of Life pavilion's possible revival strategies that could prove useful, this however carved a new path academically for me. Being involved in graphic design study, you may remember some of my previous posts in Operation Imagineer involving a little brainstorming in this area, and demonstrates the importance of how it all fits in developing a better Wonders of Life in the near future. On the subject of which, let us fancy a think about this cute little graphic that is the pavilion insignia...

It looks rather simple enough to the eye, but ask anyone who has been to EPCOT in its early prime in the 80s would have noticed: the insignias used in the Future World pavilions are a little more geometrically different compared to what the Wonders of Life had for a logo. Of course, like all the other insignias before, the Wonders of Life insignia has a story, and some collective theories.

Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fools Day of the Year, 2014

Documentation from an undisclosed source has advised members of the council that the Wonders of Life pavilion will take a different way to advertise its future attractions in an unconventional manner. Believe it or not, as focusing on healthy living isn't well received by guests as it used to, the pavilion will focus its efforts on focusing on the morbid aspects of life. However tasteless as it sounds, it will much rather demonstrate the most uncanny (and unbearably stupid) ways to lose life.

One spokesperson quoted he happened to have viewed a viral video which explained just that, and noticed just how surprisingly successful the theme of "epic fail expiration" could be used to refresh new life on an aging pavilion on life and health. Perhaps in today's day and age, to embrace how not to "expire" could help others learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Despite being all stitches and giggles, one example he cites, would be to retrofit Cranium Command with beer goggles, in which Trousedale would be forced to pilot a drunk, from night out to hangover, as penalty for his possible misdeeds in training.

There will be details after the cut as provided...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Campaign Soapbox – Where Life Begins, Shoulders Shrug

After the warm glow of the holiday seasons and the closing of 2013, welcome back to the blog, even during the fight against ideas exhaustion. Of course, one advantage during this time is that Wonders of Life Eterna has taken the next direction in supplementing the site using video for artistic purposes. Here's the next video, highlighting the significance of New Years Day in a somber light, at least for the pavilion.

Many of you readers, especially those who enjoyed the pavilion's final seasonal operation at the end of 2006, may recall the fact that the pavilion closed its doors on New Years Day, and for those who cherished the pavilion and its memories (for better or worse!), that hit the hardest. But alas, let me bring up an issue that has been making the rounds in science news (especially the theory in the origins of life), and following this (albeit unrelated) streak, a possible brainstorm on what's the worst the pavilion would be forced to host.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from Wonder of Life Eterna, 2013

Welcome back again, readers, and there are some wonderful things going on this holiday season as we speak. Families are uniting, even worlds apart, to cherish every moment the season has to offer, and some have taken the liberty to enhance its magical appeal at... where else, Walt Disney World, packed with people taking the holidays to the next level.

Of course, you didn't stop to think that the end of 2006 was the final holiday season the Wonders of Life pavilion opened to guests, and it was a short holiday treat for those who stopped by as a kid – a lot like stepping into a time capsule of memories we may never see again. New Year's Day in 2007 confirmed it, a quiet reminder that due to tough times, life and health ended up a vulnerable target.

But not so. 2013 proved a great year for medical innovations and findings, even retweeted on @WOL4EVA_Rios to hopefully share them, and even the legacy and influence of the Wonders of Life lingers without anyone's knowledge. Remember when Habit Heroes reopened, despite mixed reviews, with a more sensitive and humane approach to health habits, and enthralled guests, even gaining the endorsement of Iron Man.

Alas, as the year closes, Wonders of Life Eterna looks forward to another year of joy, good health, resilience and opportunities to move forward. However, if Wonders of Life Eterna can admit, it's not possible to do it alone, and what a great turnout of support it has attracted. From discussion opportunities through to brainstorming, there will be opportunities to discuss, and even if the group is brave enough, to get Epcot to put Life and Health back on the table, healing the wound left behind on New Years Day 2007.

Many thanks to all the readers who stopped by this blog, as well as the informational site, and if there are some good people out there with the liberty of sharing memories of the pavilion, thankyou and keep the memories alive :)

Happy holidays!