Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Find for Well and Goods section!

Welcome back, readers, and in another find for the Well and Goods section of the site (interesting curios and long lost merchandise, give or take its existence) we have found one item that proves spectacularly of interest amongst curio hunters. The auctioneers that brought the Cranium Command sign to a new home have also brought out an interesting find, this time, something smaller...
You guessed it, a prop certificate from the crew at MET Biotech, as seen on eBay

Basically, this is an above certificate, given to guests who did not meet the height requirements to ride Body Wars (but somehow have an interest in the ride). Basically, guests who were close to an inch shorter than the recommended ride height were given this front-of-the-line certificate which was used the next time they returned for the ride when they were an inch taller. Here's a closeup of the certificate, for a little up-close inspection:
Access to the themepark connection store is available here:

Talk about sad news when word of the pavilion's closure was on 2007, and through to total disarmament/disassembly according to rumors within borders, it seems that these certificates would have been the only form of tangible 'merchandise' as far as some of us know it. To be honest, while Wonders of Life specific merchandise and oddity-curios are hard to find, and especially in this environment, only one sentence belongs to a few people - they could be out there.

And now we return to our usual transmission...

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