Saturday, March 3, 2012

Looking out for Number - Whaaaat?!

From a screenshot malfunction I picked out the other day...

...this reminded me at this time that when it comes to being alive, there are some tasks on the 'to do' list that aren't really glamorous. Elimination being one of them, and yet, we do it. This sounds TMI to freely admit in a society like this, but what boggles and raises my eyebrows out of humor is, well... Let's look at Bobby's black box and recall a quote from there...
Left Brain: Aren't you forgetting some... functions?
Buzzy: Uhm, Elimination, give me a reading!
Elimination: (checks reading) Bladder reading at 9.9, sir!
Buzzy: We can hold it. Full speed ahead!
Elimination: No! NO!

And yet, we reveal a plothole, primarily done to cleanly cut to the chase. But seriously?! They say if life gives one lemons, they would have to make lemonade. Though speaking of making lemonade from lemons (please don't take it as an euphemism), it would only be wise to mention that of whatever leaves us, somehow, there is always another mind out there willing to take advantage of what we take for granted...
...wait, they did? You mean those video game systems for urinals? Okay, so this is insanity for the average person, but add to the reduction of having to wipe up spilled puddles as a result of failed aim, some would say it could be a good idea, but waking up, this is a life and health focused blog, so what if there was something testing the health of...
...wait, such a thing exists too? Apparently, technology is developing that could, well, hook you up to a medical database during your ten minutes off, which could spell less awkward encounters at the doctors office.
And surely having one as part of the medical oddities showcase exhibit (if we were to be including one) could be a neutral idea (love it or loathe it). But a fully functioning one, I bet, could be the equivalent of, well, spilling and admitting your humiliating secrets to other people in earshot. But apparently, it could give someone something to think about... uhm... it's a long story.
So before the day bursts for all sorts of humiliating information, I'd rather leave that up to you readers to think it over, and express how you stand. And to close this off, let me ask you a question now this topic's dealt with: feeling better now?

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