Monday, February 6, 2012

Epic Brain Fart, or Stroke of Bad Luck?

Apologies for the title, but behind every Epcot pavilion, there's bound to be something worth raising eyebrows – interesting secrets and mind-boggling trivia (that is), or even 'urban legends' behind the pavilion and it's attractions. In this tradition, the Wonders of Life pavilion is no exception. Of course, some 'urban legend' tales about the pavilion, despite being hard to believe by itself, would prove a little fascinating to even believe that it may have happened.

One example of an 'urban legend' tale from the Wonders of Life was, in a sorrowful ironic twist of fate, the loss of a four year old girl aboard a ride on Body Wars (thanks to an undiscovered heart condition) in May 1995. Seventeen years on, we express our condolences.

Moving on, and we now focus on Wonder's iconic attractions (no brainer to work it out), but this time, on a seldomly quoted 'brain fart' mentioned by a few guests and even a cast member during their deployment in Wonders during its heyday (make that 'failday'?) Just because Cranium Command was a successful take of the way the brain interacts with the body, doesn't mean it had done so without a few brain farts along the way...
Apologies. To explain, the unfortunate victim is, of course, Buzzy (and this time we mean the AA onstage). To liken his structure, a commenter recently submitted the following approximate statistics for what constitutes the brain pilot's AA self:

...Buzzy didn't have the usual outer layer [silicon skin] of most AA's, I believe it was more like plastic with rubbery bits at the joints. Buzzy was probably also only [with regards to hydraulic pressure] 100 psi, to 150.

So, approximations aside, there was urban legend that poor Buzzy tended to end up a patient in his own show as time progressed. Now, keep in mind that this would have been evident during the M. Eisner 'dictatorship' era that put greed ahead of keeping attractions and park places in full working order. While it's normal to say that Cranium Command was dated (with regards to long ago celebrity roles within the body crew), perhaps a forum poster had this to say on this subject
They likely closed it because it was so dated. Or maybe because of that little incident at Cranium Command when the arm fell off and hot oil was shooting out on the guests.
From a DISboards poster

At first, my feeble mind attempted to shrug it off as if the incident were a joke, but of course, there was talk of poor Buzzy in which most of his missions within the mid to late nineties (give or take) would have resulted in a code 101 breakdown. Of course, it was that fateful day when a little anecdote appeared in a tumblr post, with regards to what it was like working when things get out of hand for poor Buzzy...
Oh, my GOD. I worked this attraction to get some OT for a few months when it was just about to close and I was a CM at Body Wars...
This damned thing was ALWAYS going 101 because the AA would literally SPRAY hydraulic fluid all over the place...

So if you can vividly recall the events that would have proved poor Buzzy was prone to some form of hydraulic 'wound shock', then I can safely say that with any other attraction, accidents within performances happen, but I bless the maintenance crew, despite the funding that was left over during Eisner's reign, who would have got their right heads together and went straight to work giving Buzzy some much needed treatment from the unexpected problems on stage.
Anywho, if you have any more information, or just would like to submit your experiences on working alongside poor Buzzy, then don't hesitate to ask. Also please note that this blog post could be serving as a kind of a teaser for one of WOL4EVA's future posts, stay tuned!

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