Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gift - The Making of Me

As a salutation to everyone on the planet, I cannot stress this enough on Wonders of Life's involvement on presenting how we entered this world – how we developed and how we are born – all I can say is that there is one person we can as well thank for all the memories, our upbringing, and making our existence possible – and it's definitely as close as your mother. (Or probably even as far as your grandmother, and down the matriarchal side of the family tree). So, WOL4EVA would like to present a small gift in the form of a view-thru video covering this aspect of our lives...

I mean, all the good times and the hard times, it is probably time to bless her this Mothers Day, give her a break, even spend some time together. Love her back; you'll never know just how much she felt treasuring you way back, even as young as in her womb (seriously, just ask her! You'll be surprised at some of those interesting anecdotes, not all the while worth hearing, but fascinating.)

In part, Happy Mother's Day!

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