Friday, June 29, 2012

Double Milestone Post!

Sorry for the late blog post in breaking news, but there is something particularly controversial with regards to US politics. For those who were tied to the SCOTUS mandate on the Healthcare reform, I'm sure it's got some mixed opinions, but given that this blog focuses on EPCOT's take on health and life in a rather successful way how, I'm going to present to you a rather interesting tweet in reference to this milestone:
"Dr. Lair's study of inflammatory neutrophils via Body Probe will now be government funded."
EPCOTExplorer (also found here)
Words of wisdom! But it could be sadly unlikely, since the Body Wars attraction, thanks to witness reports (give or take) have had their probes shelled out or dismantled for parts, as well as the unlikelihood of finding another sponsor to 'revert or refurb' the pavilion. So let's never forget that the Wonders of Life once did an excellent service in educating the guests on health and life, and entertaining them well. Oh wait...

As I am writing this, WOL4EVA celebrates its second birthday! Yay! And a lot of things have happened with regards to the blog, some statistics after the jump.

During the first two years of the blog, here are the top five most visited articles:

  • A hair-triggered news article on Habit Heroes' eventual downfall (thanks to some people saying it might hurt certain people emotionally): "Discrimination Chews Fat on Habit Heroes", with over 460 views to date. This reached viral views within less than 24 hours, until the Habit Heroes attraction closed down indefinitely, ending the campaign.
  • Another Did-You-Know Post pertaining to an obscure educational VHS series sharing the pavilion name (give or take its existence), with over 300 views
  • Another Did You Know Post, leaning towards an Imagineer said to have been part of one of the pavilion's attractions, over 220 views
  • Battle of the Cortexes, a written article which documents the historical allusion between Buzzy, and his early incarnation, Captain Cortex. Previously featured on Imaginerding (thanks!), this article reached over 175 views
  • And the first article, with a brief intro on the pavilion and some of its attractions, over 115 pageviews.

From the stats counter for this site, the countries visiting this site are said to be the US, Australia, Russia, UK, Latvia and Canada. And with regards to keywords, "Cranium Command" appears to be the most used keyword leading to this blog.

With regards to the "What's Next for WoL" survey (*groan!*), 40 respondents have responded, and even a blog has opened up with the results right here, and it's still ongoing for those interested.

And now, this blog will be returning to normal transmission in three, two...

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