Sunday, June 10, 2012

Newest Addition to Well and Goodes, Using its Head!

After some time online using the search function, it seems there is another find for Well and Goods, and likely another developmental stepping stone piecing together the historical aspects of Wonders of Life's most adored attraction (by statistical standards). 

As found on this eBay listing for the Cranium Commando CM Hat
While I am finding it a little hard to figure out the nature behind this object, which either belongs to a Cast Member costume set, or just a rare souvenir from the gift shop, all I know is that this cap for Cranium Command had been an interesting rare discovery according to the Web. On closer discovery and inspection, there was something a tad more interesting (or unsettling) with regards to how the hat emblem was handled though...

Close up of the insignia. Notice the double intruders occupying where the brain ought to be?
On closer inspection, it seems taking the place of the well known brain insignia are two polygon-like shapes, in which one of them is the famed Sorcerer's hat that you may recall being planted in Hollywood Studios. I kind of tend to assume that either they might be deliberate misprints or just part of the design, I'm rather surprised how far it has come along since the insignia received another revision, and received a brain as its main emblem...
The finalised insignia for the Cranium Command attraction
As you can see from the comparisons with the insignia on the hat and the ones officially integrated in the show design, this shows that there is a lot of development with the design of the above insignia, which makes me wonder, why the random block and Sorcerer's hat for the hat? All I am waiting is a kind of explanation on why this is so, with regards to insignia development, so anyone willing to come forward with the initial choice of the Sorcerer's hat before the brain might feel free to leave a comment.

EDIT ALERT! I've actually bumped into some photographic identification on what was in the emblem replacing the brain, and it's actually the building monument of the Walt Disney Animation Studios building (as seen on their official website), where the preshow was developed and ultimately animated.

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  1. well the hat you put on your head and the bricks you use your mind for.This is just a guess.

  2. Possibly from the team of Imagineers who worked on the attraction. The red thing kinda reminds me of Universe of Energy.

  3. It almost looks like a printing error or possibly something that came from the build/design team perhaps?

  4. Maybe Buzzy likes visiting MGM/Hollywood studios more than he does EPCOT/epcot.


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