Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Before the Shooting Squad and Wrecking Ball

In a seemingly tragic turn of pavilion history, Stitch Kingdom has posted news on Wonders of Life facing "selective demolition" on a part of the pavilion structure. However, as this is freshly received news, nobody knows if this will mean the pavilion will get a structural makeover, or be razed to the graveyard. All in all, this will be a rather rude awakening to Buzzy's 'hibernation' period spanning 5 and a half years (and counting).

PS: For those who are outraged, here's a petition link for a good cause. It's done to death, but seeing that Epcot is having trouble with covering life and health in Future World, it'll be worth going down with a fight.


  1. I think I got a tear in my eye... my only hope is their renovating it for the 30th

    1. I am thankful that the whole building may not face entire demolition, but with selective demolition, this does not guarantee which part of the pavilion may face the wrecking ball - whether the decommissioned Body Wars warehouse, or the Cranium Command theater preserving props from the festivals, or even the three structures within the dome to make space for the festival interior. Stay strong, and there are campaigns running on the site, such as a petition, aiming to provide a voice for those who would want Wonders back, updated and nurtured for the next generation.

  2. This was such a great attraction and I really think it could be brought back and updated. Let's see if it happens... Sad, moving video. I love your passion for WOL. It's lovely!


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