Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet and Greet? You Gotta Be Stitch-ing Me!

Welcome back, readers, and I'm apologising beforehand for readers not accustomed to character invasions in EPCOT (well, ironically after the Wonders of Life started it first!), but a random though popped up in my mind with regards to character meet and greets (that is, if it were allowed in my hypothetical resurrection of WOL) - who we might expect to encounter, and in which location and setting? Still a very touchy subject by broad fan discussion standards, but in this imaginative pondering of this eyebrow-raising thought bubble, let's assume we do so...

...never mind the reactions... But let's start off with a few suggestions, as mentioned in a forum post provided below:

...but if it were up to me, I'd retheme the entirety of the pavilion to appear like you're inside a human body... lots of kinetic blood moving through tubes, electrical impulses moving through out the ceiling, a very low steady heartbeat, exhibits all over the place explaining body functions (not unlike the old hands on exhibits), and a food court in the "stomach". Leave an updated Cranium Command in the "brain" as the headliner and you've got yourself place people would want to visit.
Bathrooms would, of course, be found in the bladder.And a Meet & Greet with Stitch in the colon.
From Krack, "What to do with WoL?", post #3
Sure, sure, that would not be glamorous in a sense... after all, you can appropriately say that Stitch is probably the star with his own right to edge on the gross side (don't get me started on the nose-pick stunt!) However, this somehow reminds me of a cuddly, snuggly piece of concept art done prior to the blog, starring the alien experiment couple, somehow in an Innerspace getaway...

...okay, enough. Now you've got your drift about the only good thing about a meet and greet in this manner, then perhaps it would be far wiser to have him in the exploration suit shown above. Probably a little similar to the slim body-fitting suits that Dr. Cynthia Lair would have been seen wearing, and probably to have a few in the audience drooling... *sigh* "...Braddock, we need a mop."
Aside from the cleanup, we'll focus on another character candidate that could probably raise some ideas. In the past, Body Wars served as the future equivalent of the medical facility, this time for touring purposes. But assuming we give Stitch and the galactic head honchos (if we assume so) the authority to have room for themselves, then it would be far wiser to consider saying hi to someone in charge:
Oh boy...
Apparently, I have my reasons. Assuming that WoL would end up with an Innerspace/laboratory theming area that would probably (and similarly-wise) fill a niche for Body Wars and Frontiers, it could be wise to consider a 'wandering-encounter' with the evil-genius scientist. In a lab coat. Of course, in this way, that would definitely give guests a possible role model in the scientific discovery behind the body's secrets, and yet Epcot management might as well have overlooked Dr. Jumba as a possible candidate for the right character to fill this spot. If done correctly, you would as well find Dr. Jumba mostly in the Frontiers sections at most.
But enough with scattering blue fur all over the topic of meet and greets. According to the What's Next for WOL survey, over half of the respondents don't necessarily approve of having a character play host for the pavilion. Be it lucky that Stitch hasn't gotten his name in the survey, and I hope nobody's getting any ideas about it. Anywho, let's give this topic a little more space and go ahead another one that's plaguing my cranium into confusion until now...

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