Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Possibility 2: Try a Time Warp

Welcome back, readers. So I hope you've shook off your chocolate-hangovers from this weekend, because this week I have done some tweaking for this blog - this time, adding an extra page for all Wonders of Life related videos and media, as accessible from this page. It's under the Related Media tab on the left hand page. And now, we decide to take a peek in the head of Wonders' prime attractions and the unfortunate fate it met... or so we think...

So as part of my research, I was surfing the internet for as much information (let alone what's to come and what's left) as humanly possible and reliable (judgement pending), especially towards on of the most iconic attractions in the Wonders of Life pavilion. Let's start with Cranium Command, for instance... I've done some comparisons between the year of its debut (1989) and the year of its demise (2007), I've made a startling discovery to why this fate was so:

While Cranium Command can be considered still a relevant show in terms of its unique and entertaining approach to educating the masses about stress and its effect on the body, its only limitation is that it was heavily rooted in the late 80's/early 90's. Due to an unfortunate time warp effect in regards to today's 21st Century lifestyle, poor Buzzy has been relegated to obscurity in his own prison he once used to interact with the masses.
{personal quote based on the fate of Cranium Command}

So it seems that when Cranium Command reached excellent attendance numbers since its debut in 1989, little do they know that the numbers won't remain high up forever. And sadly it was true when its home pavilion closed down in 2007 (yes, need I say more!!!). There is a lot of (chicken) feathers flying over two things to do to poor Buzzy in regards to the fate of the pavilion:
  • Dissect him and dig him a grave (No!!!)
  • Box him in a glass case for a museum exhibit
  • Restore as much as humanly possible (film reels included) and get the whole thing professionally filmed (less than likely.)
Okay, so my discussion has taken a turn for the negative. But I did come across a blog post in regards to 'hey bro, if we greenlight the return of Buzzy for his newest show, what would it be?'. Here it is, straight from the words of a WDWMAGIC.COM forum user, WondersOfLife:

"I'd like to see a new Cranium Command with a new story, and perhaps the cartoons could look similar to the style of Pixar Characters. Also updated sound on the preshow and a new video with the pixar-styled cartoons instead of the classic-style cartoons.. perhaps change it from Cranium Command: Special Engagement to a new story called Cranium Command: The Bullied VS. The Bullies, about Buzzy getting a group of friends (humans) to get pay back on bullies... "
[WondersOfLife, post #39 under forum topic "The End of Cranium Command?"]
So what we just figured out from this little quotation, is that one of the potential ideas to bring back Buzzy from total obscurity would be to build a new storyline. Not to mention a potential style facelift that would turn 'relevance' into 'welcome home!' for Buzzy. If done and executed correctly, it'll do wonders.

(Okay, for those who lived and cherished the old show, I know what you're saying - 'bro-ooo, it won't work! The whole thing will end up an EPIC FAIL within two minutes into the attraction!' Other Imagineers in the past have gotten that alot. Well, do you know what? In terms of what the 21st Century generation wants, it does seem to be relevant on paper, but I'm going to leave this up to other viewers and readers on this blog. They can feel free to comment on this article to show their support (or blame) for this little idea.)


But other's opinions aside, in regards to the possible idea, since the Mouse has decided to focus on new films based on theme park attractions (Jungle Cruise Ride film, anyone?) in this day and age, maybe... JUST maybe, they'll rediscover Buzzy's potential to return to greet a next generation. This is just a suggestion, and NOT a rumor or fact. However, the issue is, 'bro, will they stay true to the actual attraction?' 

Which brings this to the consideration - to ensure the whole thing is a good idea, it'll need the right people, as well as the right minds (great minds think alike) to ensure this project goes the straight and narrow path of welcoming back another generation (not to mention bring back the charm of the original exhibit). Because make one wrong mistake with one minor CRUCIAL component, and there's a risk of losing the attraction's past integrity it once had in its prime.

So, a cinematic homage to the Wonders of Life it could be, and of you can dig through the thoughts running through my head, I'm already beginning to get an idea on how well it would turn out. Yes, yes, yes, it could be possible.

Speaking of cinematic, another idea has just ran through my head... after a recent virtual stumbling on this:
[Soarin' (over California), as seen in EPCOT's The Land, and also California Adventure park]
...this also sparked another approach to an old favourite. While Body Wars bears its focus on retrieving an immunologist from the perils inside the human body, I'd rather take the concept of Soarin', regards to the experiences it brings, and preferably execute it to a tour of inside the body. Okay, it's not necessarily that glamourous to think of it that way, but one can dream, right?

Anyways, I've finally spilled all my ideas out from that creative right-brained mind of mine ;3 (wink) and I'm sure that there are some good ideas that might, one day, bring back the Wonders of Life's unsung attractions to the next generation... provided someone listens and finally approves!

Until next time, readers!


  1. I saw a photo of what Buzzy looked like in his prison recently - he's lost an eyebrow and one eye is half open - If Disney restored him to full working order I'd be more than happy to try and buy it off em and display it somewhere at home - possibly once figuring out the original program they used.

  2. A movie about Buzzy would be so cute! I'd defiantly would watch that! I mean though it’s an attraction I’d like to know about the characters backgrounds, maybe even Buzzy’s parents, grades, ect. And the general’s past too. But I hear that Pixar was doing something along the same lines of Cranium command, but nothing known about it. It will be harder for Buzzy to have a comeback if it’s not about C.C. man, I’d even settle for a cartoon series or even just a short. But if you use Sorrin's vehicle system you could have issues with the parks gusts getting tired of the system, I’d stick to a simulator or an omnimover.-Lulu


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