Saturday, January 28, 2017

These Are Trying Times...

An awful long absence has been broken, and in these trying times, we are shocked to see what is becoming of the US under a new notorious president. Science and human rights have been threatened. History has taken a back seat to potential repetition. And adding to the start of a Second Cold War, we wonder... will Epcot Center survive the next four years? Will it be able to survive the next eight years?

Hence this is why WOL4EVA is inviting many of our readers to come over and discuss in the comments section

<blockquote>If the President were to have control over Epcot, what exhibits or attractions will he put up? Whats the worst thing that can happen?</blockquote>

While all we can do is speculate, this is what this post is for. In fact, WOL4EVA has decided to open up discussion because the right way is to unite. However, it's best to discuss in civility as always; hate only breeds hell.

So hang in there, all.


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