Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Personal Reflection After Absence...

It's been a surprising long time, and the progress of life and health has surprisingly steadied on so much. But you see, there are many things going on that have inadvertently wedged into Wonders of Life Eterna's blogging progress so far. So, consider this to be a 'welcome back' post.

Sure I haven't updated on the Operation: Imagineer sections and Attractions Toolkits as much as I wished to so far. But there is one major aspect of life and health that has brought to my attention, and definitely which will be considered an issue of its own as well.

Come to think of it, in today's day and age, we are bombarded with advertisements and announcements themed on the many aspects of living: the best foods to eat, the right medications, how to exercise and when, what diseases we need to battle against, and so on. Even Wonders of Life Eterna had a blog, still running, titled HELP, dedicated to said announcements as well. But I would like to share you one in particular, that not only shook me to the core... It would too.

And yes, I hid it under the jump, because if it made my skin crawl, it would too. Careful.

We all know that organ transplantation is a medical procedure that is not as new as we usually think of. It took numerous experimentations, even the development of new medicinal drugs to suppress immune system response (in turn, preventing rejection of the donated organ), new mechanical innovations that help the transportation of donated organs, and especially in turn, the attraction of the public to reserve their organs for donation after their death. Yes, we know of many organisations that aid in the last part, through advocacy and appeals of all walks.

Yes we all know the spiels... "Give life for someone else" is the usual theme, but there was this public service announcement that I saw the other day, back then in September '15, and it was during the hunt for more PSAs to be featured on the other blog I mentioned. Believe me, it deeply engrained the message deep into my heart, and left me speechless... I speak no ill this advert, but if the visuals do not unsettle you, then the chilling speech will...

You have been warned.

I speak no ill of the agencies who put all of their efforts in building, filming and editing this important announcement – given the subject matter, it is perhaps not very easy to do so. This was the work of SCPF, an advertising agency based in Spain, and this was done for an organ donation organisation, ALCER (Association for the Fight against Renal Diseases) in Spain. research has it that it won a Silver Plato de Sol, and a Silver Cannes Lion in 1998.

Considering the important issue being driven home in this public service announcement, I have no words left for me to explain... Perhaps...

Perhaps the only way to heal such unprecedented haunting would be to ask for the reassurance of others, and after inspiration, the assistance of those who have subscribed to this blog to help brainstorm the message of organ donation in a manner where Wonders of Life would have presented it in an engaging yet sacred and empowering manner.

Comfort, hugs and help are encouraged, and any assistance to Wonders of Life Eterna will be grateful. There will be more posts after this.

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