Thursday, January 3, 2019

Unprecedented Disppearance Alert...

A lot has happened since the last post, and the last update of the Wonders of Life pavilion as of now. When word of the pavilion being the center of a Marvel-centered attraction during renovations in Future World East, Epcot Center, things on the blog happened to slow down, meaning the dream of life and health fully returning to the park ias slowed down to a crawl. And a crawl it did. But it is through several unprecedented events that something has happened to one attraction, almost destined to be preserved and archived, but a second too late.
Most of you may have read the articles on this site, especially one from Possibilities Article 8 and especially the Battle of the Cortexes speciation of the long lost Captain Cortex. Most of you have wondered where oh where Captain Buzzy would be by now. But alas, something happened in August, and it has been brought to the attention of an ally, now filling my shoes for the time being...
Honorable Twitter broadcaster, to which I can gladly disclose as WoLFanbase for bring the news, has also managed to bring attention to the rescue of Captain Buzzy, mentioned to be stolen from the pavilion and, if recent developments have happened, had all his clothes sold from him on the black market. Police are currently searching leads, but believe it or not, it’s through the hashtag #FindBuzzy that has gotten the issue to each and everyone as humanly possible. And having started this blog since April of 2010 as approximate as possible, with the intention to research and publicly hypothesise how the pavilion should have been fixed, well, it’s the biggest issue since the fiasco for Habit Heroes 1.0 blew up the blog back in February 2012.
And I bid everyone to keep their eyes peeled, to be on alert, and to keep pressing on for the day that Buzzy is rescued, or at least reconstructed and restored, to be safe in the arms of the Archives once more.

Many blessings.

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