Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Change in Layout

Dear readers,

You may have noticed that the blog layout has changed recently. Amazed? Here's how:
  • The header has been redesigned. Simply, I have kept the elements of what the Wonders of Life pavilion was since its birth in 1989, but I opted for a silver medallion look, as a possible logo redesign should the pavilion be given a reboot, one way or another.
  • The background was also designed from scratch, thanks to my digital artwork skills. of course, the wallpaper is sadly covered up by the rest of the blog articles, but fortunately, I have included it here for use as a personal wallpaper:
WOL4EVA Wallpaper - 1024px by 768px
Right now readers, it's time for a little feedback on the look of the page. What do you think would have been done better? Do you have anything else WOL related that you would like me to share? Anyone?
Anyways, feel free to post your comments below. Until next time, readers!

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