Saturday, October 10, 2015

Anatomical Advert of the Moment - Males Know This...

YAWWWN! It's good to come out of the most awkward hibernation period for this blog, and judging from the steady traffic for the blog's latest post (focusing on how to immortalise Inside Out somewhere in the Wonders of Life pavilion), it's still pretty much business as usual for Wonders of Life Eterna. But so far, funny things – especially in public service announcements and advertisements, some teeming with anatomical references of interest (and humour!) – have all been happening since our unexpected hiatus. But a word of warning to some readers: you may need another crash course in the Making of Me before you step further into this course.

The advert in question, to date, has picked up lots of views, more than 100,000+ views, and it is set to become even more viral. For such subject matter, being undergarment matters, it is an ideal section for What the WT- to finally wake up from hibernation with this offering.

It's a very tongue-in-cheek focus on the anatomical aspects (and even pratfalls) of what makes men, well, men. Most of these are very relatable... the surge of hormones when meeting a member of the opposite sex, the unfortunate awkard itching moments, and yes, the dreaded misguided football shot from a sporting ball (we assume) with a mind of its own... depending on what sort of man (well, if you happen to biologically be one), it's all relatable from here.
Yes, this is very obvious, but humanised symbolism that explains that, yes, this is an advert for a brand of undergarments, tailor fit to keep men comfortable. This is very clever for an undergarments advert, and especially in a day and age where we are beginning to see the trend of humanizing our body's processes (much like we saw the humanising of the mind's nooks and crannies.)
I guess the Cranium Command cadets are now being subjected to this form of acquaintanceship with this short film as a guide... though we can only wonder how this advert's virality could spur a trend, somehow. A trend of somehow getting to know the other organs of the body, much like Captain Buzzy did with the rest of the crew.

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