Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How's April Fools For You?

Apologies for the awfully long wait between posts, as there is a lot more work happening offline than online. However, as today is April Fools day, there was some deliberate planning put into one of the April Fools stunts happening within Wonders of Life Eterna. Ready?

Love it or loathe it, this is comparatively a very clever April Fools prank that has been shown to a select fanbase, and thanks to prior research, has been received well with giggles and all-around smiles. Even one viewer mentioned that the spoof adverts were also in tune with the subject matter of the informational site. Hopefully if all goes well, there will be the possibility of a few design tweaks on the informational site, in order to stay in tune with the blog.

If you know of any other stunts or pranks that WOL Eterna could have pulled, please mention it in the comments below. Or else you are drafted to pilot a chihuahua destined for beauty pageants. Your pick!

Pictorial proof of the Stunt that happened

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