Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bet You Didn't Know... Wonders of Life Film Series

Apologies for my hard earned resources being stuffed into the informational site, but a big welcome back to the readers of the blog, and with some interesting news. While most of the readers recall a post mentioning proof of the existence of the Wonders of Life film series, and it took a lot of painstaking research to find any proof, written or image, to confirm that.
Not so long ago, I had bookmarked an eBay entry displaying such existence proof, but for those who are familiar with the Disney Educational Films panel, you may remember films being presented at the time in two formats – one in VHS tape format and the other in 16mm projector film. While a lot of things were going on at the moment, it was only as recent that I noticed the eBay entry was recently taken down due to expiration of the selling period (well, it was already sold, but it remained on the site until recently.) It was fortunate to finally have access to Google Caches that I have finally taken the pleasure to present the following screen caps.

Each of these faithfully have some in depth information pertaining to the people behind the films. Also, under observation, it is quite fascinating if you compared the Cranium Command attraction as it appeared in the pavilion (well, during operation) with the film. It was quite surprising they might have kept the Captain Cortex (albeit as a younger being, or a predecessor to Buzzy as much as I realised) as head leader, pun intended, in the films. So far, only visual proof of the bones and muscles film is present, but imagine the thrill if visual proof of the films on the nervous system, or the heart and lungs, would appear after a long searching safari. If anyone remembers these films in elementary school, either via experience (have you seen them in the classroom?) of by word of mouth, please write to me via comments section. Until next time, readers!

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  1. I think Capt. Cortex's design in the upper left pic. inspired right brain's design.


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