Saturday, March 12, 2011

That Fateful Day in 2007...

...was the 1st of January, and it was when the Wonders of Life, after caving into the loss of a sponsor and patron decline, closed its doors for good.

And for some reason, this unsuspecting patron learnt this the hard way. His testimonial is illustrated with the help of some novelty internet candy, known as the world of Cheezburger.

Disney World Attraction Closure Rage

While some people would come by his side and tell him, stop crying, it's only a dumb attraction, but face it. There are countless people who have never heard what it's like to approach a set of underappreciated obscure gems somewhere in an ever Disneyfied Future World.

Of course, there is a possibility that something wonderful will be on its way. Take the long gone Horizons, for instance. While the pavilion may no longer be with us, a much more compact and more interesting simulator paying tribute to the pavilion might soon be. It's all possible thanks to the wonderful team at WEDCon (despite unnoficial status). If that is possible, then perhaps the Wonders of Life might deserve a similar, yet interesting ressurection of its kind.

And when I mean ressurection for, ie: Cranium Command, I don't mean this.
Seriously, Buzzy. Don't.

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