Sunday, February 13, 2011

Possibilitiy 1: Three Dee Vision

Welcome back, fellow readers. So far, there has been some interesting publicity happening with this blog, especially with the link being posted on a forum, for others to have a look. I have mentioned earlier that this blog will contain handfuls of *ahem* UNOFFICIAL Imagineering possibilities that might spell a reboot for the Wonders of Life pavilion.

...Or should I have said 'might have'?

Once upon a time, before this blog went to air, I did a lot more 'what-if' scenarios for bringing back the Pavilion to its former glory. I had scribbled in some notes, comparisons and even the odd comment on how the Wonders of Life would have been treated, if brought back correctly. Had you came to my place and had a look at the pieces of paper that contained them, you'll just shrug and pass this off as 'meh, nothing special'.
Until today, this fateful day...
For those who would like the technical details: it's over here

Believe it or not, it's actually a 200-inch 3D TV Screen, and surprisingly, it operates without the need for 3D spectacles. The reason why I brought up this post is, as with the case of any other EPCOT Center pavilion, it's all about the technology... technologies which, in the early days, enabled people to become immersed into the world around them, and even satisfy the imagination. After all, because the Wonders of Life Pavilion is an integral part of EPCOT Center, it's not uncommon to encounter the kinds of technologies used in the edutainment factor.

For instance, take Body Wars, for instance. While it's nothing more than a mechanically-dependent simulator ride by today's standards, it was the most popular and astounding thrill ride in its prime. Then throw in 3D vision. Are you beginning to imagine this, readers?

Love it or hate it, what once would've been a mechanically bumpy ride suddenly becomes the next best thing to boarding the body probe and enjoying the thrilling (and nauseating) experience. Of course, 3D vision, although fad-worthy as it sounds, could be applied to anywhere else.

Of course, 3D technology today appears to be expensive by consumer standards, but think... we have come a long way from the era of red-and-green-tinted glasses, all the way to the era of 3D movies in cinema screen, and now Blu-Ray players in our own homes. It's even beginning to be picked up in amusement park rides, and if we're lucky, JUST lucky, this technology might change the way whatever happens at EPCOT dramatically.

Which reminds me of a quote pertaining to one thing that might give EPCOT Center a compund fracture in the World Showcase... and this is directed to Stitch (I adore the blue-furred guy, but surely he's beginning to feel the pinch of appealing to a wider audience), regards to his career in a Japanese anime (named after himself, exclamation mark), and because the Japan pavilion is as enjoyable and unique as it is, sadly one day this will happen:

"What happens in Japan... ends up in EPCOT"

[EDIT: due to the emergency situation in Japan, it is with a heavy heart that I take the comment back. But for those even thinking about thinking about (etc.) bringing the blue furred experiment over to World Showcase - I don't recommend it highly.]

In other news, long ago I made a memorial blog post on Buzzy's legacy, long after his claim to (obscure) stardom had gone, so you might be surprised for me to mention that the Cranium Command sign has only two more days until its sale period times out. Again, those interested in a piece of EPCOT Center history, you'll find it here.

Until next time, readers, feel free to leave a comment after this article. ;3

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